EP. 26: New Jersey

Bands from the great state of New Jersey, or songs about New Jersey.

Live drive-in show set by NJ emo's Ogbert the Nerd in Toms River NJ.


  1. From A Motel 6 by Yo La Tengo on Painful (Matador)
  2. Stationary by Teenage Halloween on Stationary (Don Giovanni)
  3. Jersey Shore by The Promise Ring on Very Emergency (Jade Tree)
  4. Kitchen Sink by Halogens on Halogens (Self Released)
  5. Elizabeth by Long Neck on Will This Do? (Tiny Engines)
  6. Fear And Loathing in Mahwah, NJ by Titus Andronicus on The Airing of Grievances (XL Recordings )
  7. Groovy Tuesday by The Smithereens on Especially For You (Enigma)
  8. Self-determination by A Priori on Damn The Past (Self-Released)
  9. Last Caress by The Misfits on Static Age (Caroline)
  10. Again & Again by Vision on In The Blink Of An Eye (Nemisis)
  11. Turnpike Gates by Lifetime on Jersey's Best Dancers (Epitaph)
  12. Never Going Back To New Jersey by Less Than Jake on Losing Streak (Capitol)
  13. Happy by The Wrens on The Meadowlands (Absolutely Kosher)
  14. Morning New Disease by Jets to Brazil on Orange Rhyming Dictionary (Jade Tree)
  15. Hey Allison! by Jeff Rosenstock on Thanks, Sorry! (Polyvinyl)
  16. Lookers by The Menzingers on After The Party (Epitaph)
  17. Avoiding Catatonic Surrender by Tim Barry on Rivanna Junction (Chunksaah)
  18. Happier Now by Well Wisher on Walk Away / Happier Now (6131)
  19. Funny You Should Ask by The Front Bottoms on Talon of the Hawk (Bar None)
  20. America Pt. II by America Part Two on Pure (Self-Released)
  21. Swim by Toy Cars on Paint Brain (Self-Released)
  22. Sometimes by Halogens on Happy Hour (Self-Released)
  23. It's Not Me by Hit Like A Girl on It's Not Me (Self-Released)
  24. The Cost of Living by The Big Easy on First Friday (Something Wicked)
  25. Heartache by Save Face on Merci (Epitaph)
  26. Weak by Save Face on Merci (Epitaph)
  27. broken by ManDancing on Everyone Else (Take This To Heart)
  28. Rats! It Didn't Work! by Ogbert the Nerd on Ogbert the Nerd (Self-Released)
  29. Stiff - Audiotree Live Version by The Vaughns on The Vaughns on Audiotree Live (Audiotree Music)
  30. Day 3 - Audiotree Live Version by Fire Is Motion on Fire Is Motion on Audiotree Live (Audiotree Music)
  31. Drive by ROMP on Sorry, Not Sorry (Bad Timing)
  32. Washington, NJ by Howardian on A Smurf At Land's End (Let's Pretend)
  33. Messengers by Trophy Scars on Never Born, Never Dead (The Same Ghost Collective)
  34. Acting Out by latewaves on Acting Out (Self-Released)
  35. Michael Raines by David Dondero, Mike West, Myshkin on Spider West Myhskin And A City Bus Reissue+2 (Ghostmeat)
  36. Jerry's Song by Just Nick on Semi-revolutionary (Nickolas Wuebben)
  37. Falter, Walter by Sport Coat on Everything Must Go (Self-Released)
  38. New Jersey Is a Mall by Cyanamid on Cyanamid (Self-Released)