Cock Rock BBQ #10 (Return of the Son of DJ AssPlay)


  1. Shy by Sutcliffe Jügend on Pursuit Of Pleasure (4iB)
  2. Crush My Soul by Godflesh on Selfless (Earache)
  3. Only The Good Die by Burmese on Burmese / Cadaver Eyes (New Scream Industry)
  4. Mi Pueblo by Corrupted on Corrupted / Grief (HG Fact)
  5. The Deity of Anxiety / Violent Acts of Carnality by The Haunting Presence on The Haunting Presence (Shaman Of Horrors Offerings)
  6. At a Cross / Effort / Lost Cause / Distance by Scalped on Scalped 7" (Warthog Speak)
  7. Baseline by Danny Brown on The OD EP (Fool's Gold Records)
  8. Kool Aid by Sicko Mobb on Super Saiyan Vol. 2 (n/a)
  9. Thotorama by Lil Jay on Unexpected Fame 2 (n/a)
  10. Fake Prada pt. 2 (ft. Little Pain) by PradaMane on Blue Prada (n/a)
  11. Nightmare on Figg St. by Schoolboy Q on Habits & Contradictions (Top Dawg Entertainment)
  12. Petro by Spaceghostpurrp on Tales From the Underground (n/a)
  13. Liebombast by Anenzephalia on Ephemeral Dawn (Tesco Organisation)
  14. For The Low by Lil Bibby on The Best of Lil Herb and Lil Bibby (n/a)
  15. Someone by Rorschach on Remain Sedate (Vermiform)
  16. Miserable Excuse For a God by Gonkulator on Gonkulator / Black Mass of Absu (Fudgeworthy Records)
  17. Chinga Tu Madre by Brujeria on Matando Gueros (Roadrunner Records)
  18. Setz Up by Chief Keef on Bang (n/a)
  19. Les Opposants Bruleront by Akitsa on Goetie (Heavy Distortion Records)
  20. Tenth Planet by Solid Space on Space Museum (In Phaze Records)
  21. Watching You Without Me by Kate Bush on Hounds Of Love (EMI)
  22. Buzz Buzz's Prophecy by Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu, Toshiyuki Ueno on Earthbound OST (n/a)
  23. Is This It? by Jerry Paper on International Man of Misery (Orange Milk Records)
  24. Raise The Bells by The Folk Implosion on Kids OST (London Records)