49 - Ain't Nothing I Can Do


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  1. Got To Give by The Prodigy on Climbing The Sky ( Prodigy Inc. ) $ Buy
  2. Take Time To Go Crazy by Samuel T. Robinson on Somewhere In Mississippi / Take Time To Go Crazy (Vimla) $ Buy
  3. Double Heart by Robert Rental on Double Heart (Mute) $ Buy
  4. Much Too Much by The Jack Sass Band on Sassified ( Funkytowngrooves) $ Buy
  5. Hot Love by J.P. Robinson on What Can I Tell Her (Alston ) $ Buy
  6. I Want You (She's So Heavy) by Eddie Hazel on Game, Dames And Guitar Thangs (Warner ) $ Buy
  7. Autogas by TodoTodo on La Contra Ola - Synth Wave And Post Punk From Spain 1980-86 (Les Disques Bongo Joe ) $ Buy
  8. Crying In Your Face by AFX on Analord 04 (Rephlex) $ Buy
  9. Ain't Nothing I Can Do by Tyrone Davis on In The Mood With Tyrone Davis (Columbia) $ Buy
  10. Cat Meow by Billy Bruner on Billy Bruner (Athens Of The North) $ Buy
  11. Heart Love by Albert Ayler on New Grass (Third Man Records) $ Buy
  12. Visions by The Brief Encounter on Introducing - The Brief Encounter (Seventy Seven) $ Buy
  13. ? (Modern Industry) by Fishbone on Fishbone (Columbia) $ Buy
  14. Frustration by Soft Cell on Mutant Moments (Mute) $ Buy
  15. When Will They Shoot? by Ice Cube on The Predator (UMG) $ Buy
  16. Arrow Through Me by Wings on Back To The Egg (Columbia) $ Buy
  17. Gidget Goes To Hell by Suburban Lawns on Gidget Goes To Hell (IRS) $ Buy