sadderday, #151


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  1. Dead Horse (Glass Animals Remix) by Hayley Williams on Petals For Armor (Atlantic) $ Buy
  2. Break
  3. The Arctic Cat (Demo) by The Gloria Record on A Lull in Traffic (Crank!) $ Buy
  4. Break
  5. Warn Me by Tigers Jaw on Warn Me (Hopeless) $ Buy
  6. Break
  7. Poetry Vs. Reason by Anika Pyle on Poetry Vs. Reason (Self-Released) $ Buy
  8. Clean Kill by Coriky on Coriky (Dischord) $ Buy
  9. Break
  10. Incandescent (Remastered) by Mountains on Midnight EP (Remastered) (Self-Released) $ Buy
  11. Break
  12. Almost Motion by Remington Standard on Why Less Desire To Be Neat? (Music Fellowship) $ Buy
  13. Song About an Angel by Sunny Day Real Estate on Diary (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  14. Is It Me or Your Secrets That Keep You Up at Night by If I Die First on My Poison Arms (Self-Released) $ Buy
  15. Murderer by City and Colour on Low Songs (Self-Released) $ Buy
  16. Break
  17. Me & My Dog (June 5, 2018 demo) by boygenius on boygenius demos (Self-Released) $ Buy
  18. Landmine by The End Of Julia on The Emo Diaries Chapter Five: I Guess This Is Goodbye (Deep Elm) $ Buy
  19. Break
  20. New Jersey by Blue Deputy on New Jersey / I Hate Steven Singer (Self-Released) $ Buy
  21. Break
  22. Don't Give Up Your Ghost by Movements on No Good Left To Give (Fearless) $ Buy
  23. Break
  24. The Saddest Song by The Ataris on So Long, Astoria (Kung Fu) $ Buy
  25. Wake Up and Smell the Daisies by Time Spent Driving on Estrangers Vol. 1 (Cardigan) $ Buy
  26. Manic Pixie Dream Hurl by Thank You, I'm Sorry on I'm Glad We're Friends (Count Your Lucky Stars!) $ Buy
  27. Break
  28. New Year's Eve (Alternate Version) by Morninglight on Novella (1933 B-Sides) (Self-Released) $ Buy
  29. Break
  30. Darkness by Katie Dey on Mydata (Run For Cover) $ Buy
  31. Break
  32. lights (4444) by nothing,nowhere. on lights (4444) (Fueled By Ramen) $ Buy
  33. will i get cancelled if i write a song called, by illuminati hotties on FREE I.H: This Is Not the One You've Been Waiting For (Self-Released) $ Buy
  34. The Choice by Kelsi Grammar on Within a Year (Self-Released) $ Buy
  35. Good Things by Expert Timing on Whichever, Whatever - EP (Count Your Lucky Stars!) $ Buy
  36. Mend by My Iron Lung on Learn To Leave (Pure Noise) $ Buy
  37. Never Done by Droughts on Stay Behind (Skeletal Lightning) $ Buy
  38. Pixel Vison Anxiety by nuvolascura on As We Suffer From Memory and Imagination (Zegema Beach) $ Buy
  39. I Dread The Night by Owel on I Dread The Night (Self-Released) $ Buy
  40. Fantasy Baseball at the End of the World by John K. Samson on Fantasy Baseball at the End of the World (Anti-) $ Buy