Ep.111 07.26.20 (Broadcasting From Home 13)


  1. Akapela by Jephté Guillaume on The Prayer (Priyé​-​a) (Spiritual Life)
  2. Sentiment Océanique by Basses Terres on BFDM 019 (Naked Light)
  3. Water Walk (Priori Rezone) by Ex-Terrestrial on Urth Born (Pacific Rhythm)
  4. Interlude (D.K Remix) by Seb Wildblood on The One With (The Remixes) (Omena)
  5. Some Tame Gazelle by Norma O'Malley on Kiwi Animals: Future/Primitive Aotearoa 82-91 (Strangelove)
  6. Grainhive by Awo Ojiji on Static Flow EP (Eternal Ocean)
  7. Te Vas (Hidden Dancer Edit) by NTFL on Place : Ecuador (Air Texture) (Place:)
  8. Loose Ends by Karl Lumont on Self Released (Self-Released)
  9. Our Aurora by Opaline on Memory Drain (Constellation Tatsu)
  10. Lunar Substance by GEENA on On The Top Of The Deep Hearted Fern (Antinote)
  11. Escape by H. Takashi on Escapism (Not Not Fun)
  12. Everteal by Pulse Emitter on Mugen: Volume 9 (Hausu Mountain)
  13. Guevenne Groove by Yak on Gerudo EP (Phonica Records)
  14. Tidewater by Graintable on Universal Ash (Ransom Note)
  15. Hmong by Cybe on Self-Released (Self-Released)