Gnocchi Burro e Salvia

Today we're making gnocchi from scratch: potatoes, flour, and a pinch of salt. The sauce will be just butter and sage. A simple and delicious dish paired with a freshly selected soundtrack. Buon appetito.

Episode #222 - video link here 


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  1. Holyroller by Saintish (Self-Released) $ Buy
  2. Gnocchi (unreleased) by Nino Msk (self-released) $ Buy
  3. I Flip My Life Every Time I Fly by Snooch Dodd and The Pro-Teens (College Of Knowledge Records) $ Buy
  4. Birthday Cards by Space Captain on Birthday Cards / Chester Springs (Tru Thoughts) $ Buy
  5. Break
  6. 23 by Monzanto Sound (None More Records) $ Buy
  7. DJ Lift Me by Soul Inscribed on Tune Up (Tokyo Dawn Records) $ Buy
  8. Look Around by Danielle Ponder & Karate Boogaloo (Hopestreet Recordings) $ Buy
  9. Beast by Aeshim on Or... (Albert's Favourite) $ Buy
  10. Hot Hot Heat (feat. Kamilah Apong) by Odario (self-released) $ Buy
  11. Lagelato (unreleased) by Italic Disco (self-released) $ Buy
  12. No Room For Love (feat. Noëp) by TTeo (Sonar Kollektiv) $ Buy
  13. All the Way Far Away (Club Mix) by David Marston, Rob Paine & Lady Alma (BBE ) $ Buy
  14. Reprise Tonight (disco mix) by FSQ on Reprise Tonight (Sol Clap) $ Buy
  15. Nostalgia On The N Train by Atropolis on Time Of Sine (Wonderwheel Recordings) $ Buy
  16. Tune Up by Soul Inscribed on Tune Up (Tokyo Dawn Records) $ Buy
  17. Katon (feat. David Murray) by Kahil El'Zabar (Spiritmuse Records) $ Buy
  18. Windowlicker by Aphex Twin on Windowlicker (Warp) $ Buy
  19. Emotion by Purple Disco Machine (Self-released) $ Buy
  20. Dreams (Psychemagik Remix) by Fleetwood Mac (self-released) $ Buy