The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #209

An hour of new algo computer sounds, followed by a bunch of new vinyl purchases!

Algo sounds from awesome Japanese compilation "Compassion through Algorithms", some Conditional, some William Fields, many more; vinyl veers towards some classic 90s hip hop - Redman, Young MC, Brandy, and in prep for a new project got a bunch of classic Todd Terry sounds!

get in!


  1. U+1F5A4 by Chiyou Dean on Compassion through Algorithms (
  2. nourishment by Renick Bell on Compassion through Algorithms (
  3. pomello serape by G.S. Sultan on music for a living water (
  4. 20 Year by New Tendencies on Everywhere (Conditional Recordings)
  5. kunehu0 (b-p) by William Fields on Bewilderment (Superpang)
  6. MANICPANIC by Jessicunt on MANICPANIC (Visit
  7. Something for Your Mind by speedy j on Something for Your Mind (Plus8)
  8. Pep Talk by J. Albert on Pre Formal Audio (Visit
  9. Innerspace Time Travelers by Shiro Fujioka on Negroshima (Detroit Underground)
  10. Archigram Living by brin on Highspeed Light Body (Visit
  11. wub life by special guest dj on wub life / circle (Visit
  12. 酒気 by DJ Trystero on High Speed Wind (self published)
  13. Ghost by Broshuda on Broshuda/Yata DSP - Split (Visit
  14. Liquid Television by Chris Otchy on Recursive (Visit
  15. Tonight's Da Night by Redman on Tonight's Da Night (Def Jam)
  16. Know How by Young MC on I Let 'Em Know / The Fastest Rhyme / Know How (Delicious Vinyl)
  17. I'll Take You There by Big Daddy Kane on I'll Take You There (Cold Chillin')
  18. I Wanna Be Down by Brandy on I Wanna Be Down (Atlantic Records)
  19. The Dream (54 Dub Mix) by Swan Lake on In The Name Of Love / The Dream (Champion Records)
  20. I Don't Know Anybody Else by Blackbox on I Don't Know Anybody Else (RCA)
  21. Sueno Latino by Sueno Latino on Sueno Latino (Capitol Records)