The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #209

An hour of new algo computer sounds, followed by a bunch of new vinyl purchases!

Algo sounds from awesome Japanese compilation "Compassion through Algorithms", some Conditional, some William Fields, many more; vinyl veers towards some classic 90s hip hop - Redman, Young MC, Brandy, and in prep for a new project got a bunch of classic Todd Terry sounds! 

get in!


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  1. U+1F5A4 by Chiyou Dean on Compassion through Algorithms ( $ Buy
  2. nourishment by Renick Bell on Compassion through Algorithms ( $ Buy
  3. pomello serape by G.S. Sultan on music for a living water ( $ Buy
  4. 20 Year by New Tendencies on Everywhere (Conditional Recordings) $ Buy
  5. kunehu0 (b-p) by William Fields on Bewilderment (Superpang) $ Buy
  6. MANICPANIC by Jessicunt on MANICPANIC (Visit $ Buy
  7. Something for Your Mind by speedy j on Something for Your Mind (Plus8) $ Buy
  8. Pep Talk by J. Albert on Pre Formal Audio (Visit $ Buy
  9. Innerspace Time Travelers by Shiro Fujioka on Negroshima (Detroit Underground) $ Buy
  10. Archigram Living by brin on Highspeed Light Body (Visit $ Buy
  11. wub life by special guest dj on wub life / circle (Visit $ Buy
  12. 酒気 by DJ Trystero on High Speed Wind (self published) $ Buy
  13. Ghost by Broshuda on Broshuda/Yata DSP - Split (Visit $ Buy
  14. Liquid Television by Chris Otchy on Recursive (Visit $ Buy
  15. Tonight's Da Night by Redman on Tonight's Da Night (Def Jam) $ Buy
  16. Know How by Young MC on I Let 'Em Know / The Fastest Rhyme / Know How (Delicious Vinyl) $ Buy
  17. I'll Take You There by Big Daddy Kane on I'll Take You There (Cold Chillin') $ Buy
  18. I Wanna Be Down by Brandy on I Wanna Be Down (Atlantic Records) $ Buy
  19. The Dream (54 Dub Mix) by Swan Lake on In The Name Of Love / The Dream (Champion Records) $ Buy
  20. I Don't Know Anybody Else by Blackbox on I Don't Know Anybody Else (RCA) $ Buy
  21. Sueno Latino by Sueno Latino on Sueno Latino (Capitol Records) $ Buy