51 - I'll Be Damned If It's Me


  1. I'll Be Damned If It's Me by Reid, Inc. on Reid, Inc. (Bold)
  2. Panda by Crown on Panda / Intercession (Herald)
  3. When It Hits by Eclipse on When It Hits (Quatom)
  4. Tetsugaku Shiyo by Kuniko Yamada on セカンド - 贅沢者 (Victor)
  5. Too Hot To Trot by Sue Roberson on A Surge Of Energy (Brylen)
  6. In The 80's (Watchu Gonna Do) by The May Day Singers on In The 80's (Watchu Gonna Do) (Blackbeard)
  7. When Jesus Walks by Egyptian Queen on The Mighty Power Of God (Triple Star)
  8. Break
  9. Uchi e Oide yo/Come Home With Me by Lily on Auroila (Express)
  10. Let Me Love You (Acoustic) by Mario on Unrealeased (None)
  11. Search Out! Watch Out! by The Mighty Flames on Metalik Funk Band (PMG)
  12. Big Girls Walk Away by Steve Winwood on Talking Back To The Night (Island)
  13. Eh ! Motor 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ! by Corinne Hobi, LJ. Sedlar on Eh ! Motor 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ! (Royal Agency SA)
  14. Golden Boys by Pat Smear on Pat RuthenSmear (Golden Boys)
  15. Don't You Wish You Had (What You Had When You Had It?) by Ruth Copeland on I Am What I Am (Invictus)
  16. Volta by Gal Costa on Live TV Performance (Unreleased)
  17. West Oak Lane Jam by Rodney Jerome Keitt on The Essence Of Love (Sirr Rodd)
  18. Break
  19. Why Now by Reggie Garland on Why Now (Big Willie)
  20. Under the Sky by Judy Dyble featuring Giles, Giles & Fripp on Anthology: Part One (Earth)
  21. Everything is Food (Demo) by Harry Nilllson on Popeye Original Soundtrack (Boardwalk)
  22. Sous L'Aigle Double by Katinka on Ecole De Musique Montfarville (As)
  23. Handle With Care by The Traveling Wilburys on Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 (Wilbury Records)
  24. Break
  25. Wide Awake by Astralblak on Space & Time (Sound Vérité)
  26. That's The Way It Is by The Young Senators on Jungle (Innovation)
  27. Break
  28. Don't Let That TV In Your Home Take God's Place by Alice Holmes Hendricks on Don't Let That TV In Your Home Take God's Place / Samson And Delilah (Palladium)