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  1. Fluer Tropical by Francis Bebey on African Electronic Music (International feel recordings)
  2. Get Up...Carmen by Waldeck on Ballroom Stories (Dope Noir Records)
  3. Butcher Blues by Kasabian on Kasabian (Sony)
  4. Summer In The City by Quincy Jones on You've Got It Bad Girl (The Verve Music Group)
  5. Is It All Over My Face? by Loose Joints on Is It All Over My Face? (BMG Right Management)
  6. Holiday Action by Livy Ekemezie on Doing It in Lagos: Boogie, Pop & Disco in 1980's Nigeria (Soundway Records)
  7. Love Is the Message - Love Groove Bonus by MFSB on Deep Grooves (Sony)
  8. Fannie Likes 2 Dance by Merle on Back to Mine: Jungle (Back to Mine)
  9. Pure Pleasure - Rave Mix by Digital Excitation on The Sound of Belgium (N.E.W.S.)
  10. MILF STALKER by Vladimir Dubyshkin on Hot Steel (trip recordings)
  11. Sissel & Bass - Onscreenactor Remix by Peder Mannerfelt, VTSS on We Only Want You for Your Body (Kaos)
  12. Sicak - Club Mix by Emre Altug on Sicak (Dokuz Sekiz)