sadderday, #155


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  1. Cover What You Can by Copeland on Eat, Sleep, Repeat (The Militia Group) $ Buy
  2. Shame by Dikembe on Muck (Skeleton Lightning) $ Buy
  3. As You Wish by Brandtson on Fallen Star Collection (Deep Elm) $ Buy
  4. Rules Broken by ¡All-Time Quarterback! on ¡All-Time Quarterback! (Barsuk) $ Buy
  5. You Should Be at Home Here by Carissa's Wierd on You Should Be at Home Here (Brown) $ Buy
  6. Variations On An Aria by Really From on Verse (Topshelf) $ Buy
  7. Skin To Skin by Movements on Skin To Skin (Fearless) $ Buy
  8. No Encores by The Notwist on Shrink (Planetary Group) $ Buy
  9. Everyone Lies To Me by Knuckle Puck on Shapeshifter (Hopeless) $ Buy
  10. The Takeover by My American Heart on The Meaning In Makeup (Warcon) $ Buy
  11. Brick by Pinehurst Kids on Minnesota Hotel (Self Released) $ Buy
  12. A Box Full of Sharp Objects by The Used on The Used (Reprise) $ Buy
  13. Nightmares Win 6-0 by A Static Lullaby on ...And Don't Forget To Breathe (Ferret) $ Buy
  14. Life Has Its Design by '68 on Two Parts Viper (Cooking Vinyl USA) $ Buy
  15. Little Folded Fingers by Listener on Being Empty : Being Filled (Self Released) $ Buy
  16. New Energy by A Day In Black & White on Notes (Level Plane) $ Buy
  17. おまえ by tricot on おまえ (AVEX) $ Buy
  18. One And Done by Bright Eyes on Down In The Weeds (Dead Oceans) $ Buy
  19. We Are Broken by Paramore on RIOT! (Fueled By Ramen) $ Buy
  20. It Happened Because You Left by Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) on What It Takes To Move Forward (Count Your Lucky Stars!) $ Buy
  21. I Didn't Want You As A Mirror by GILT on Ignore What's Missing (Self Released) $ Buy
  22. tornado (first demo) by Tomberlin on at weddings (2 early demos) (Self Released) $ Buy
  23. Backpack Life by Thank You, I'm Sorry on I'm Glad We're Friends (Count Your Lucky Stars!) $ Buy
  24. Why I Rejoice by Swingset In June on Demo Tape (Self Released) $ Buy
  25. Swiped out (Sensitive Sessions) by Future Teens on Sensitive Sessions (Triple Crown) $ Buy
  26. There, There by The Wonder Years on Burst & Decay (An Acoustic EP) (Hopeless) $ Buy
  27. Sick In The Night by Brian Swindle on Sick in the Night (Molly Water) $ Buy
  28. It's Not a Side Effect of the Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love by Fall Out Boy on My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue (Fueled By Ramen) $ Buy
  29. Sagittarius by Harmony Woods on Make Yourself at Home (Self Released) $ Buy
  30. Duality by Bayside on Acoustic Volume 2 (Hopeless) $ Buy