1. Ride by Cold Beaches on Drifter (Self-Released)
  2. Room for You by Constant Insult on History in Shorthand (Let's Pretend)
  3. Remote Control by ahem on Try Again (Forged Artifacts)
  4. Local Radio by Bad Moves on Untenable (Don Giovanni)
  5. New Years by Public Eye on Music for Leisure (Pop Wig)
  6. Don't Sell Your Soul by Sleep Eaters on Holy Days (PNKSLM)
  7. Outta Reach by Woolen Men (Eggy)
  8. Moon Tropics by Healing Gems on Fiesta Pack (Mock)
  9. Azul Verde by Vinyl Williams on Lady Tiger / Azule Verde (Self-Released)
  10. Cul-de-Sac by Hekàtē on Μέρες Οργής | Days of Wrath (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  11. No Way by So-Cho Pistons on Knuckleheads (Monster Zero)
  12. Number One by Neon Bone on Make It Last (Monster Zero)
  13. Hold My Hand by Death Valley Girls on Under the Spell of Joy (Suicide Squeeze)
  14. Special Berry by Standards on Fruit Island (Topshelf)
  15. Local Clerics by Self Defense Family on Make Me A Pallet Fire On Your Floor b/w Local Clerics (Run for Cover)
  16. Sheer Wonder by Teenage Moods on Turn It Up Tune Em Out (25 Diamonds)
  17. NNN by Double Grave on Goodbye, Nowhere! (Forged Artifacts)
  18. Prism by Split Fountain on Crosstown (Forged Artifacts)
  19. Vacation by Lilith on Safer Off (Take This to Heart)
  20. Sidewalk Psycho by Sweet Reaper on Closer Still (Self-Released)
  21. Sunflower by Damaged Bug on Bug On Yonkers (Castle Face)
  22. Ghost in the Record Store by The Exbats on Revolution All the Time Plus Size (Self-Released)
  23. Candy Apple Red by Annabelle Chairlegs on Gotta Be In Love (Self-Released)
  24. Hit and Miss by On a Promise on Boyracer (Emotional Response)
  25. No Luck by Satanic Togas on X-Ray Vision (Goodbye Boozy)
  26. Kombat Kitchen by Gee Tee (Goodbye Boozy)
  27. First In Line by Vintage Crop on Serve to Serve Again (Anti-Fade)
  28. Hours and Hours by Bully on SUGAREGG (Sub Pop)
  29. Last Nite by Arre! Arre! on Heavy Breathing (PNKSLM)
  30. Mars, the God of War by The Beths on Jump Rope Gazers (Carpark)
  31. Hair by Snarls on Burst (Take This to Heart)
  32. Safe Now by Sweeping Promises on Hunger for a Way Out (Feel It)
  33. Forget Everything by Nothin' on Nothin' (Let's Pretend)
  34. The Play by Hinds on The Prettiest Curse (Mom+Pop)
  35. Ouch! by Pinch Point on Moving Parts (Self-Released)
  36. Dog by Clamm on Beseech Me (Self-Released)
  37. Flood Tide by Mallrat on maybe someday we'll live by a lake (Self-Released)
  38. Home Again by Sean Thompson's Weird Ears on Time Has Grown a Raspberry (Self-Released)