Dark and Long

The world is having a bit of a moment, between everything that was already going on, plus huge lightning storms beckoning the start of an especially brutal California wildfire season, devasting communities up north and sending bad air down onto the city where people already forced to work from home in generally air-con–less apartments have to seal up our windows during a heat wave. It's a lot, is my point. Oh, if that wasn't angry enough, the RNC is happening this week. Eesh.

Given that, tonight's show takes a slightly different tack, having been drawn to a whole host of long, often ambient tracks that just provide a little but of patient calm in amongst all this chaos. We're gonna embrace our niche, and play a whole load of things that you wouldn't normally play on the radio. Of particular note, we'll play a bit of Shearwater's Quarantine Music, from a series of releases that Jonathan Meiburg and co have been putting out since the pandemic shut everything down. Not really resembling their full band albums, but instead long pieces of electronic minimalism and drone, but some real delicate shifts and long melody to them. They're really soothing, go on great when you're working, and you can buy the whole set on Bandcamp the next time the fees are waived.


  1. Dark & Long by Underworld on Dubnobasswithmyheadman (Wax Trax)

    An absolute classic, and also the track that inspired the name of this week's epsiode, and pretty much sets the tone for what we're doing here this week.

  2. Sequenced by The Field on Yesterday and Today (Kompakt)
  3. Break
  4. Usses & Thems by Say “No!” To Architecture on SN!TA (Ghosthunter's Club)
  5. Migration I by Erland Cooper and William Doyle on Murmuration (Phases)

    Erland Cooper's new record “Hether Belther” was the featured record of the week on No Magic back in July.

  6. Particle C3 (feat. Marta Salogni) by Hannah Peel on Particles in Space (Self Released)
  7. Break
  8. Telallás by Nicolas Jaar on Telas (Other People)
  9. 45° 30' 4" N, 73° 33' 29" W (feat. Scott Cortez) by thisquietarmy on Meridians (Three Four)

    The coordinates in this track title centre on Montreal, Canada. (The A-side of this record is Chicago.)

  10. Break
  11. Phantom Brickwork by Bibio on Phantom Brickworks (Warp)
  12. COSM by Jon Hopkins on Singularity (Domino)
  13. Blood on the Motorway by DJ Shadow on The Private Press (Island)
  14. Break
  15. Featured Thin Place Journals by Shearwater on Quarantine Music VI (Self Released) New