Brighter Days 002

Hi again friends, welcome to episode two of my radio show. I've changed the name to Brighter Days, because well, fire doesn't seem like the best metaphor right now. Also, it's worth a minute to reappreciate this clip of Theo Parrish losing his mind.

One thing I love about vinyl DJing is making odd connections between records of different genres, which I find is much harder to do when browsing folders of MP3s. This broadcast is full of left turns, with lots of old favorites as well as a few records I received in the last few weeks.

Special shoutout to my friend Hiatt db, for his Rhythm Section debut. He put out me and Jack's Time Zone record on his label Mystery Zones back in the fall and has been an incredible guy to work with.

Also worth noting, I finally bit the bullet and retired my bootleg Shure M44-7s and bought some Ortofon needles, so enjoy the greatly improved sound quality.

Ok enough talk, more tunes. Enjoy


  1. Brighter Days (Original Mix) by Cajmere ft. Dajae (Cajual)
  2. Untitled by NYC Loft Trax on Unreleased 1991-1995 (NYC Loft Records)
  3. The Truth by Chicago Damn on The EP With No Name (Intimate Friends)
  4. Everyday Break by Hiatt Db on Palimpsest (Rhythm Section)
  5. Even The Stones by Giovanni Damico on Marcel Vogel's Lumberjacks in Hell (BBE)
  6. Control by Rex the Dog on Crasher (Kompakt)
  7. Slide by RAH Band on Re-Mixture (Champagne Records)
  8. There's Never Been /9No One Like You) (Long Version) by Kenix feat Bobby Youngblood on There's Never Been No One Like You (West End)
  9. What You Gonna Ask For (Dego Mix) by Theo Parrish (Sound Signature)
  10. More Brilliant Centre by LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) on Earthbound (Super-Sonic Jazz)
  11. Papa Oye by Cerrone on Afro II (Because Music)
  12. House Anthem DJ by Willie Snickers on EP (Daisy)
  13. Let's Start A Dance (Special Remix) by Hamilton Bohannon (ROCK MO Records, Inc.)
  14. Gotta Get A High by Made In The USA on GU Classiques Volume Twelve (GU Classiques)
  15. Noice (Dub Debris) by Nick The Record, Dan, and The No Commercial Value Band on EP 6 (Record Mission)
  16. Dance Machine by Matias Aguayo on I Don't Smoke EP (Kompakt)
  17. Sister (Floating Points Remix) by Caribou (City Slang)
  18. Ministry of Love (Andres Remix) by Romanthony on Ministry Of Love 2013 (Glasgow Underground)
  19. You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover by Cookie (Le Jazz)
  20. Last Night Changed it All by Esther Williams (Alpha Omega Recordings)
  21. Love Thoughts by Cosmos Dwellerz Arkestra on Love Thoughts (Super Disco Edits)
  22. Baby I Owe You Something Good by The Parliaments on Baby I Owe You Something Good (Revilot Records)
  23. Give Me Your Love by Sylvia Striplin (Dance Classics)
  24. 24K by Morgan Geist on Super (Environ Records)
  25. Part One by A Drummer From Detroit on Drums #1 (Fit Sound)
  26. The Dancer by Stanley Clarke on Mr. PC Versions #1 (Mr. PC Versions)