Cinematic Sounds-1990s Horror Scores


  1. Un Gatto Nel Cervello - Sequence 1 by Fabio Frizzi on Un Gatto Nel Cervello (Mondo)
  2. Main Title by Pino Donaggio on The Sect (Cinevox)
  3. Main Title by Mark Snow on Dolly Dearest (Patriot Pictures)
  4. Night Of The Living Dead - Cemetery by PAul McCollough on Night Of The Living dead (Numenorean Music)
  5. Lover's Vow (Suite) (Tales From The Darkside. The Movie OST) by John Harrison on Tales From the Darkside (waxworks)
  6. Demonic Toys by Richard Band on Demonic Toys (FULL MOON)
  7. Demonic Toys by Richard Band on Demonic Toys (FULL MOON)
  8. NETHERWORLD WALTZ by Larry Fast & David Bryan on Netherworld OST (FULL MOON)
  9. End Title by Daniel Licht on Hellraiser IV: Bloodline (Silva America)
  10. Final Showdown (Amityville: A New Generation ) by Daniel Licht on Amityville: A New Generation / It's About Time (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (The All Blacks B.V.)
  11. The Demise of Candyman by Phillip Glass on Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (One Way Static Records)
  12. Main Title (Thinner) by Daniel Licht on Thinner OST (Varèse Sarabande)
  13. Theme by Koji Endo on Audition OST (Art port)
  14. Species II by Christopher Young on Species (Intrada)
  15. Shrunken Heads (1995) by Danny Elfman on Shrunken Heads (1995) OST (Moonstone Records)
  16. Main Title (Resurrected) by Richard Band on Resurrected (1991) (Intrada)
  17. Main Title by James Newton Howard on Flatliners (Cimmerian Records)
  18. Do Drive Safely by Chuck Cirino on 976 EVIL II: The Astral Factor (1992) (Intrada)
  19. Carnaval Underground-Nightbreed (1990) by Danny Elfman on NIghtbreed OST (Waxwork Records)
  20. Lore of the Werewolf (Bad Moon) by Daniel Licht on Bad Moon (Silva America)