Episode 94: Lo-Fiction Tribute

Tonight for Episode 94 of Opal Heights, Denley pays tribute to Lo-Fiction, a collective that consisted of NimSins, Eighty9s, Keese Sama, Sela One, Ovrkast., Demahjiae, Sem City Chris, 4D, Shino Smoke, Dephkhan. Though technically only active from about 2016-2018, separately they have release a ton of music that is important to the Bay Area Hip-Hop and beat scene of the past 5 years.

You can download the "Lo-Fiction and Friends vol. 1" compilation at their bandcamp


1 "*Skeleton*/ [Vibe gold tomb]"  NimSins (Album: It's Been a Long Time Since I Cried - EP)  [Self-Released]

2 "Get It Right (Prod. by Gelapi)"  Shino Smoke (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
3 "astraltravel"  eighty9s (Album: VIBES)  [Self-Released]
4 "MAGNETO"  Dephkhan (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
5 "+u" ovrkast. (Album: me+u.us)  [Self-Released]
6 "Worry Free (Prod. by Ovrkast)"  Keese Sama (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
7 "PIN"  do more (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
8 "Blessings"  demahjiae ) (Album: Ghetto Blessings) (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
9 "HONEYDEW (feat. HERU)"  eighty9s (Album: Connections)  [Self-Released]
10 "For Avin (Prod. by Ovrkast)"  demahjiae (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
11 "4pack"  ovrkast. (Album: 4pack - Single)  [Self-Released]
12 "Doobie Killers"  Lo-Fiction (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
13 "in all"  ovrkast. (Album: Koala Korp)  [Self-Released]

14 "HOME (feat. Smoko Loco) [Prod. by Yarno]"  Shino Smoke (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]

15 "Idgaf (feat. Ovrkast.)"  demahjiae (Album: And, Such Is Life.)  [Self-Released]
16 "NO"  do more (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
17 "The City (Prod. by PK)"  Keese Sama (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
18 "Don't Know How It Feels (Prod. by Eighty9s)"  NimSins (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
19 "the meaning of eighty9s"  (Album: Past Time)  [Self-Released]
20 "at night"  SELA. (Album: inevitable [deluxe edition])"  [Self-Released]
21 "2 Minute Bars (feat. Mavi)"  ovrkast. (Album: Try Again)  [Self-Released]

22 "These Dreams (feat. Nimsins) [Prod Apollo Woods]"  Shino Smoke (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]

23 "Garden Parties"  Lo-Fiction (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]

24 "*Cry Me A River*/ Vibe [ovrkast]"  NimSins (Album: Thick Skin Black Heart - EP) ((Soundcloud)) [Self-Released]

25 "Swangin"  Lo-Fiction (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
26 "honey"  ovrkast, SELA (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
27 "Avenue"  NimSins (Album: Me vs Me)  [Self-Released]
28 "Watch Out (feat. Nita)"  Keese Sama (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
29 "4thelove"  Dephkhan (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
30 "I Know It (feat. Chris Keys)"  demahjiae (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
31 "LECTRIC ROSE"  eighty9s (Album: The Sunset)  [Self-Released]
32 "Cake Batter"  4D (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
33 "Bebop"  4D (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
34 "23 (Prod. by machado)"  Lo-Fiction (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
35 "spooky"  4D (Album: LO-FICTION & FRIENDS vol 1.)  [Self-Released]

36 "Ashes (Prod. by Eighty9s)"  Keese Sama (Album: LO-FICTION & FRIENDS vol 1.)  [Self-Released]

37 "Building Mental (feat. Briana and Jerimiah)"  Keese Sama (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]

38 "Oscuridad A La Luz ( Darkness to the Light) [Prod. by Machado]"  Sem City Chris (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]

39 "Freakwav$ (Perfect Reflections)"  Dephkhan (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
40 "rollin dice"  Dephkhan (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
41 "3:16"  Sem City Chris (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
42 "Take No L's"  Lo-Fiction (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
43 "Boss (Prod. by Young Pear)"  Sem City Chris (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
44 "07 (w/Lakewood)"  4D (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]
45 "get your facts straight 2020 (Demo)"  SELA. (Soundcloud) [Self-Released]