Haze Sesh

Haze and smoke almost all over California right now, here's my weekly fresh music selection to help clear up the sky and/or your mind. Enjoy

Episode #226


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  1. Emmanuel by JKriv & Free Magic (Razor-N-Tape) $ Buy
  2. Sambal (Extended Mix) by Purple Disco Machine & Aeroplane (Glitterbox Recordings) $ Buy
  3. Tutto Va Bene Quando Facciamo L'amore (Yuksek Dskotk remix) by Alex Rossi (Partyfine) $ Buy
  4. Stanley's Disco by George Feely (Nervous) $ Buy
  5. Sunshine In by Alien Disco Sugar (Digital Wax Productions) $ Buy
  6. African Fantasy by Valique (Walk of Sound) $ Buy
  7. Okere (feat. Nina & Benji Habichuela) by Kiko Navarro on Afroterraneo (Wonderwheel Recordings) $ Buy
  8. Bara (M&R Action Mix) by Mr Raoul K & Manoo feat. Ahmed Sosso (Compost) $ Buy
  9. Awakasi by Austin Ato on Afro Deep (Vol.1) (Beating Heart) $ Buy
  10. BHVL (MOTSA Remix) by Radio Diffusion (Compost) $ Buy
  11. Take Words In Return (Jimi Jules remix) by Henrik Schwarz (Watergate) $ Buy
  12. ARP3 by Floating Points on Shadows (Pluto) $ Buy
  13. First Down by Fatboy Slim on Better Living Through Chemistry (Skint) $ Buy
  14. Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo (Ed Banger) $ Buy
  15. Eb & Flow by Locked Groove (Hotflush Recordings) $ Buy
  16. Gwei Lo by Black Loops (Pets Recordings) $ Buy
  17. Letcha Body Go by Ray Mang (Mangled) $ Buy
  18. Abele Dance by Simoncino (Self-Released) $ Buy
  19. Wingbeats (Max Cooper Remix) by Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts) $ Buy
  20. Rara by ITALIC DISCO (Eclectic Electric Recordings) $ Buy