Bitch Talk w/Director Isabel Sandoval of Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca is a hauntingly beautiful film that will (hopefully) stay with you long after the credits start to roll. A conversation with the film's writer/director/producer/editor/star, Isabel Sandoval, proved to be just as satisfying! We discuss the evolution of the script after the 2016 election, the importance of marginalized artists lifting each other up, what makes the film's sex scene so unique, and the importance of representation in the trans community. She also shares her special relationship with co-star and acting legend Lynn Cohen, who passed away earlier this year, and why she's especially afraid to travel in this time. We're excited to hear that she has future projects in the works, and are so proud to support a talented, trans, woman of color. Keep it coming!

Lingua Franca was picked up by Ava DuVernay's production company, Array, and is streaming on Netflix.

Be well, stay safe, and thank you for wearing a mask .


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