sleeves on hearts /// september 11, 2020


  1. I Have Known Love by The Silver Apples on Contact (Kapp (1969))
  2. Fingers / Stars by Circulatory System on Circulatory System (Elephant Six (2001))
  3. Beyond The Clouds by Susan Jacks on Ghosts (Epic (1980))
  4. Nod (feat. Nosaj Thing) by Julianna Barwick on Healing Is a Miracle (Ninja Tune) New
  5. Even In His Youth by Eerie Wanda on Even In His Youth (Unreleased)
  6. The Seasons Are The Reasons by Quixotic on Night For Day (Dischord (1999))
  7. Heartbeat Pt.1 by Gloria Jones (Uptown (1965))
  8. True True To My Heart by Keith Hudson on Big Youth / Keith Hudson ‎– Ace Ninety Skank / True True To My Heart (Mafia (1972))
  9. True Opera by Moor Jewelry on True Opera (Don Giovanni) New
  10. Shangri-La by Nightmares In Wax on Birth Of A Nation (KY9 (1980))
  11. Thinking Of (feat. Marta) by Tricky on Fall to Pieces (False Idols) New
  12. Let The Music Take Your Mind by Kool & The Gang on Kool & The Gang (De-Lite (1970))
  13. Sweet Drums by Cerrone on 3: Supernature (Cotillion (1977))
  14. Run Pig Run by Pink Siifu on Negro (Self Released (2020)) New
  15. Wei Wei Wei 喂喂喂 by Gong Gong Gong on Phantom Rhythm (Wharf Cat (2019))
  16. If I Had My Way by O Sees on Protean Threat (Castle Face) New
  17. Shaman's Blues by The Doors on The Soft Parade (Elektra (1969))
  18. Yummer Yummer Man by Danielle Dax on Yummer Yummer Man (Awesome (1985))
  19. Concorde by Le Couleur on Concorde (Kuroneko ‎) New
  20. CTRL by M.I.A. on CTRL (Self Released (2020)) New
  21. Deep End by Deee-Lite on World Clique (Elektra (1990))
  22. In Transit by Cut Copy on Freeze, Melt (Cutters) New
  23. Crackpot by Ric Ocasek on Nexterday (Sanctuary (2005))
  24. Both Mode by Lomelda on Hannah (Double Double Whammy)
  25. Devorzhum by Dead Can Dance on Spirit Chaser (4AD (1996))
  26. Book Of Lies by Bettye Lavette on Blackbirds (Verve) New
  27. Wildfires by SAULT on UNTITLED (Black Is) (Forever Living Originals) New
  28. Kinja Kinja by Tonetta on 777 Vol II (Black Tent Press (2010))
  29. Cruel Summer by Tjo on Songs for Peacock (Orindal Records) New
  30. The Preassure Of Life (Takes The Weight Off The Body) by Fun Boy Three on Waiting (Chrysalis (1983))
  31. Only The People That Love by Rufus Wainwright on Unfollow The Rules (BMG) New
  32. Love by Margo Guryan on Take A Picture (Bell (1968))
  33. Cent mille poissons dans ton filet by Christiane Legrand on Tchic Tchic French Bossa Nova 1963-1974 (Born Bad (1972))
  34. T.V. Sun by Mosses on T.V. Sun (Anyway) New