MUSIC PLEASE | episode thirty three


  1. Woman (feat. Lianne La Havas) by Nao, Lianne La Havas on Woman (feat. Lianne La Havas) (Little Tokyo Recordings Limited)
  2. Eyes Blue Like The Atlatic (feat. Subvrbs) by Sista Prod, Subvrbs on Eyes Blue Like The Atlatic (feat. Subvrbs) (Atlantic)
  3. Bones by Mysie on Bones (Self-Released)
  4. Beyond the Pine by Tash Sultana on Beyond the Pine (Lonely Lands Records)
  5. Can I Get Love? by HIGH HØØPS on Seasons on Planet Earth (A Label Called Success)
  6. MANGO (feat. Adeline) by KAMAUU, Adeline on MANGO (feat. Adeline) (Atlantic)
  7. Home by GOVS on Home (Self-Released)
  8. Wil by Joss Moog on Contrepied, vol. 1 (4th Sign Records)
  9. Ashamed by Omar Apollo on Ashamed (Self-Released)
  10. B.O.M.B. by St. Panther on These Days (Nice Life Recording Company and How So Records)
  11. Lancaster Nights by Charlie Burg on Lancaster Nights (Self-Released)
  12. I'm A Raggedy Bitch, But My Heart Is Amazing by MonoNeon, Polychaos on Living the Best and Worst Life at the Same Time! (Self-Released)
  13. No Hobbies by Aaron Childs on Tangerine / No Hobbies (GODMODE)
  14. Jaguar by Victoria Monét on JAGUAR (Tribe Records)
  15. Automatic Teller by DonCat, Bobby Renz on Automatic Teller (Text Me Records)
  16. Rainbows by Max Pepsi on Two Daze 2020, Pt. 2 (Two Daze)
  17. Dance with the Devil by RoRo on Dance with the Devil (Mahogany Recordings)
  18. Spliff by Bilderbunch on SCHICK SCHOOK (Maschin Records)
  19. Road Warrior by Allan Rayman on Christian (Universal Music Canada)
  20. Kool Aid by KIRBY on Sis. (Self-Released)
  21. Teen Scene feat. Buddy by Maeta, Buddy, KAYTRANADA on Teen Scene feat. Buddy (Maeta's World Music)
  22. VERY ALONE by Zaia on VERY ALONE (Not Fit For Society/Arista Records)
  23. Puddles by Daniela Andrade on Puddles (Crooked Lid Records)
  24. Drain by Shy Girls on Bird On The Wing (Keep Cool/RCA Records)
  25. Spark It Up by LEISURE on Spark It Up (Self-Released)
  26. Home by GOVS on Home (Self-Released)