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  1. Teen Scene feat. Buddy by Maeta, Buddy, KAYTRANADA on Teen Scene feat. Buddy (Maeta's World Music) New $ Buy
  2. Don't Start Now (Kaytranada Remix) by Dua Lipa on Don't Start Now (Kaytranada Remix) (Warner Records UK) $ Buy
  3. Call My Parents by Jany Green on Call My Parents (Nice Guys) $ Buy
  4. Pleasantville by Jozzy on Pleasantville (Columbia) $ Buy
  5. Green Tea Ice Cream by Linda Diaz on Green Tea Ice Cream (Cool Company Music LLC) $ Buy
  6. BLUE CHORD by seeyousoon on VIDE (seeyousoon) $ Buy
  7. IM NOT IN THE MOOD by Colby Lafayette on IM NOT IN THE MOOD (Lafayette Street) $ Buy
  8. HER by Theodor Black on HER (DOLO) $ Buy
  9. Cookout by Serena Isioma on Sensitive (Fashionably Early LLC) $ Buy
  10. When I Go by Ivy Lab on Stars (LDN Recordings) $ Buy
  11. Fast Life by Htiekal on Fast Life (LaKeith Stanfield) $ Buy
  12. First Bloom by Saint Mela on First Bloom (858333 Records DK) $ Buy
  13. Highway by St. Panther on Highway (Nice Life Recording Company and How So Records) $ Buy
  14. Na Real Sekele Fo'Ya by Pasteur Lappe on African Funk Experimentals (1979 to 1981) (Africa Seven) $ Buy
  15. slip (feat. Beam) by Ambre on Pulp (Director's Cut) (Roc Nation) $ Buy
  16. Poppers! by Big Momma on Milf (Joshua Althina) $ Buy
  17. 9 to 5 (feat. Freddie Gibbs, Tedy Andreas) by Adam Snow on 9 to 5 (Shinra Media Corporation) $ Buy
  18. RE(a)D (with Bas) by Dua Saleh on RE(a)D (with Bas) (AGAINST GIANTS) $ Buy