1. Cicadas by Dame on Dame (Beach Impediment)
  2. Alexa! by The Cool Greenhouse on Alexa! (Melodic)
  3. Lady Tiger by Vinyl Williams on Lady Tiger / Azule Verde (Self Released)
  4. I Love Only You by Smokescreens on I Love Only You (Slumberland)
  5. Cut My Hair by Bright Ideas on ...And Don't The Kids Just Like It (Secret Center)
  6. B-Side by Angora Debs on Angora Debs (Secret Center)
  7. On Fire by Lucy and the Rats on Got Lucky (Dirty Water)
  8. Bogart and Bacall by Waveless on SUGARTREE (Manicstatic)
  9. Bottom of the Lake by Barely Civil on I'll Figure This Out (Take This to Heart)
  10. Chardonnay Summer by Leggy on Cavity Castle/Nice Try EP (Sheer Luck)
  11. Minotaure by Initiates on Esoteric Pop (PNKSLM)
  12. It's Summer and I Don't Feel Like Smiling by Soot Sprite on It's Summer and I Don't Feel Like Smiling (Self Released)
  13. We're Friends by Vanity on Rarely If Ever b​/​w We're Friends (Beach Impediment)
  14. Que Jeunesse Se Passe by Condor on Singles 2017-2018 (Beach Impediment)
  15. The Universe by Death Valley Girls on Under the Spell of Joy (Suicide Squeeze)
  16. Wreck Beach / Totem Park by The Zolas (Self Released)
  17. Kind Stranger by Corey Flood on Hanging Garden (Fire Talk)
  18. Terrible Idea Pt 1: Friendship is Key by FEELS FINE on Grip (Art of the Uncarved Block)
  19. Wild Dunes by Alright on I'm Doing This to Myself (Self Aware)
  20. Ontario by Topshelf Records on September, Bedtime, Ontario (Topshelf)
  21. Forget (Friendly) by Gulfer on Gulfer (Topshelf)
  22. Lucky Strikes Out by Upset on Upset (Lauren)
  23. Falling Forward by Sweeping Promises on Hunger for a Way Out (Feel It)
  24. Les a A Toucar by Haircut on Sensation EP (Beach Impediment)
  25. No Luck by Satanic Togas on X-Ray Vision - LP (Goodbye Boozy)
  26. Open Your Eyes by Cathedrale on Houses Are Built the Same (Self Released)
  27. Sad Eyes by Sweet Reaper on Closer Still (Self Released)
  28. Reach Out by Sleeper & Snake on Fresco Shed (Upset the Rhythm)
  29. This Feeling Is Disgusting by Mourn on Self Worth (Captured Tracks)
  30. UFOs to Heaven by Brandy on Gift of Repetition LP (Total Punk)
  31. Les Gens by Cyril Cyril on Yallah Mickey Mouse (Born Bad)
  32. I Am the Rat by Ray Guns on Ray Gun EP (It's Trash)
  33. Couch Cooking by Glazer on Bait/Couch Cooking (Dromedary)
  34. Fog Is a Funny Thing by Bad Moves on Untenable (Don Giovanni)
  35. The Fair by Total Revenge on Total Revenge (Forged Artifacts)
  36. Ouch! by Pinch Point on Moving Parts (Roolette)
  37. No Home Planet by Scrunchies (Eggy)