The Hanging Garden Radio Show 4/23 w/guest co-host Bildo!


  1. She Will by Savages
  2. Shadow by Rosetta Stone
  3. The Puppet by Echo and The Bunnymen
  4. Euthenics by Modern Eon
  5. She Is Beyond Good and Evil by The Pop Group
  6. Dead Man's Autochop by Specimen
  7. Last Year's Wife by Zero Le Creche
  8. I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear by Blondie
  9. I Think We're Alone Now (Japanese Version) by Lene Lovich
  10. I Think We're Alone Now (Japanese Version by Lene Lovich
  11. Time Held The Night by Joy Circuit
  12. Time Held The Night by Joy Circuit
  13. Awful Day by Neon Judgement
  14. Chains by Play Dead
  15. Say It Isn't So by Executive Slacks
  16. Mensch Oder Gott by Belfegore
  17. Bent Massive by Click Click
  18. Yes by Click Click
  19. Out Of Days by Myrna Loy
  20. Two Miles Up by Attrition
  21. Game Above My Head by Blancmange
  22. I Travel (12" Extended Mix) by Simple Minds
  23. Smiles and Laughter by Modern English
  24. No Love Lost by Joy Division
  25. The Wrecking by Arctic Flowers
  26. Crawling Garage Gasoline by The Inca Babies
  27. Cold Heaven by Death Of Lovers
  28. Feel A Piece by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
  29. Monkeyland by The Chameleons
  30. Fizzing Human Bomb by Danielle Dax