1. Big Gay Hands by Partner on Big Gay Hands (Self Released)
  2. Premium by Gal Gun on Critical Hit (Human Instrumentality Project Records)
  3. It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt by The Big Easy on A Long Year (Forged Artifacts)
  4. Heartbeat by Oceanator on Things I Never Said (Plastic Miracles)
  5. Hail Taxi by METZ on Atlas Vending (Sub Pop)
  6. Ersatz by Dame on Dame (Beach Impediment Records)
  7. I Can't Even See Myself by Olivier Alary & Johannes Malfatti on u, i (Fat Cat)
  8. Beobachtungen Am Tag by Nils Quak/Flamingo Creatures on Nils Quak/Flamingo Creatures (Self Released)
  9. Mary by Turtlenecked on Cherish (Self Released)
  10. Electric Wsr by Oh Sees on Metamorphosed (Castle Face)
  11. Little Baby Dead Bird by Miranda Winters on All-Purpose (Exploding in Sound)
  12. Whiskey by Lande Hekt on Going to Hell (Get Better)
  13. Palm Springs by Dig Nitty on Reverse of Mastery (Exploding in Sound)
  14. Kissing Under Some Bats by Meklbelly on PITH (Wax Nine)
  15. sorry when I'm not by gladie on thank you card. (Self Released)
  16. Thursday is the New Sunday by Latitude on Mystic Hotline (Self Released)
  17. Woman Involved by Lip Readers on Clean Kitchens EP (Refry Records)
  18. Moment in the Sun by Sunflower Bean on Moment In The Sun (Mom + Pop)
  19. Mooncake by Empat Lima on TYPICAL GIRLS vol. 5 (Emotional Response)
  20. Boys Who Don't Wanna Be Boys by Seth Bogart on Men on the Verge of Nothing (Self Released)
  21. Scraps by Alright on I'm Doing This to Myself (Self Aware)
  22. Hazel by Houseghost on Houseghost (Rad Girlfriend)
  23. Cling Wrap by Smarts on Who Needs Smarts, Anyway? (Anti Fade)
  24. Cosmic Unknown by The Archaeas on Archaeas (Goner)
  25. Self Confidence by Tough Age on Which Way Am I? (Mint)
  26. No Car by Werewolf Jones on Premium (Big Neck)
  27. Eye Pop by Diode on Diode (Refry)
  28. No Little Plans by The Reasonars on Disappear (Self Released)
  29. What I Need by Pearl Charles on Magic Mirror (Kanine)
  30. Sid by Dirty Fences on Hand Picked Melodies (Greenway)
  31. Prisão Material by Futuro on Os Segredos Do Espaço e Tempo (Self Released)
  32. I Win Every Time by The Mysterines on I Win Every Time (Pretty Face)
  33. Left Bereft by The Shifters on Left Bereft (Captured Tracks)
  34. Falling Forward by Sweeping Promises on Hunger for a Way Out (Feel It)
  35. The Universe by Death Valley Girls on Under the Spell of Joy (Suicide Squeeze)
  36. Honestly by The Maxines on Burn It Down (Girlsville)