Rude Awakening 077


  1. Bad Guy by The Interrupters on Bad Guy (Hellcat)
  2. Anything in this World by The Abruptors on Love and Other Disasters (Asian Man Records)
  3. Love Theme from by Chris Farren on Born Hot (Polyvinyl)
  4. You Ain't The Only One by Big Eyes on Demo 2010 (Grave Mistakes)
  5. That Kind of Girl by All Dogs on Kicking Everyday (Salinas Records)
  6. Walk You Again by DOGBRETH on Walk You Again (Asian Man Records)
  7. Break
  8. Lauren (Track 2) by Skatune Network on Pick it the Fuck Up (Counter Intuitive Records)
  9. Staring Out the Window at Your Old Apartment by Jeff Rosenstock on WORRY. (SideOneDummy Records)
  10. Stay Golden by Death of Guitar Pop on In Over Our Heads (Ska Club Essex)
  11. High School Friends by The Menzingers on Hello Exile (Epitaph)
  12. Gaslight Anthem (The Song Not The Band) by Thin Lips on Chosen Family (Lame-O Records)
  13. Break
  14. Kids by Pup on Morbid Stuff (Rise)
  15. Can't Stop by The Planet Smashers on Too Much Information (Stomp Records)
  16. Help Me by Oingo Boingo on Dead Man's Party (MCA)
  17. Dino by Harmonia on Musik von Harmonia (Brain)
  18. You Are Going To Hate This by The Frights on You Are Going to Hate This (Dangerbird Records)
  19. Break
  20. Z.I.Z.I by The Skaloggs on Still Waiting
  21. Sugar Shack by Eastern Standard Time on Time for Change
  22. La Herencia by La Suite Ska on Jazzy
  23. Maybe by The Sensibles on The Sensibles (No Bacon For Breakfast)
  24. When You're Depressed by Go-Kart Mozart on Mozart's Mini-Mart (West Midland Records)
  25. Break
  26. Supercomputer Goes Sentient by Millennial Falcon on Babyteeth (Fake Publishing Millionaires)
  27. Kick Rocks by Needle Beach on Kick Rocks
  28. Cover Up Your Ears by Sarchasm on Beach Blanket: Bummer Pop! (Asian Man Records)
  29. Making Love in 3/4 by Sadgasm on Ramen
  30. Shitty Tomorrow by Bad Moves on Bad Moves (Don Giovanni Records)
  31. Break
  32. Wasted Ways by Dope Times on Wasted Ways (Craic Dealer Records)
  33. Revolution by Amy Gabba and the Almost Famous on The Heart is Stupid (Kensingtone Records)
  34. Is Today Worth Waking Up For by Hans Gruber and the Die Hards on Hans Gruber and the Die Hards 2 (Paper + Plastik)
  35. Perseverance by Somewhat Suitable on Perseverance
  36. Big Mouth Royalty by Cherry Poppin' Daddies on Bigger Life (Space Age Bachelor Pad Records)
  37. Break
  38. You Look Great by Squirt on Ruff Start EP
  39. Normal by Long Knives on The Subject (Golden Lady Records)