The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Aesthetic Perfection & DJ Ichabod (Nashville) 10/6/20


  1. The Great Depression by Aesthetic Perfection on A Violent Emotion (Bractune)
  2. Retaliate by VNV Nation on Transnational (Anachron)
  3. Exuvia by Zanias on Into The All (Candela)
  4. Assimilate (R23 Remix) by Skinny Puppy on Twelve Inch Anthology (Nettwerk)
  5. Fate by Korine on The Night We Raise (Born Losers)
  6. Pet Sematary by Aesthetic Perfection (Close To Human)
  7. Dominion/Mother Russia by The Sisters Of Mercy on Floodland (Elektra)
  8. Oxytocin by Drab Majestry on Modern Mirror (Dais)
  9. Hitch Hiker by Nox Novacula on The Beginning (Bat-Cave Productions)
  10. Until It Rains Red by Vincas on Phantasma (Learning Curve)
  11. Saint Peter by Aesthetic Perfection on Into The Black (Close To Human)