creep magnet #137 copy


  1. Pink Keys by Irma on ROOM34 (self) New Local
  2. Face Down at Folk City (The Roches cover) by Al Harper on This Time (self-released) New Local
  3. big nuthin by the roches on big nuthin (Warner Brothers)
  4. teenage girl crush by angelica on single (deceptive)
  5. you're my only one by Cadallaca on Introducing... (K Records)
  6. Break
  7. Tick by Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Fever to Tell (Interscope Records)
  8. happy days by shehehe on pet songs (say 10 records) New
  9. the last song by Sleater-Kinney on Sleater-Kinney (Chainsaw Records)
  10. she is dangerous by Adickdid on Dismantle (g records)
  11. Backlash Blues by Nina Simone on Live At Montreux (1976)
  12. Blasphémie by soko on feel feelings (Babycat) New
  13. Let Me Adore You by SoKo on Feel Feelings (Babycat) New
  14. night swimming by soccer mommy on Soccer Mommy & Friends Single Series (Loma Vista) New
  15. a beast by MAITA on best wishes (Kill Rock Stars) New
  16. Metal Heart by Cat Power on Jukebox (Matador)
  17. Black Heart by Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs on no help (transdreamer) New
  18. makhloogh by Googoosh on 40 Golden Hits of Googoosh (Taraneh Enterprises)