transfiguration #159 a walk in the park at sunset mix (tina burner)


  1. Corped by P.H.F. on New Metal (Danger Collective)
  2. Flow by TENGGER on Nomad (Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records)
  3. Sirao by Inner Travels on Life On Bird Mountain (self released)
  4. In the Magic Garden by Jessica Boston & Desert on This Feeling is You (Passat Continu)
  5. Day Trip by ME:MO on Acoustic View (Disasters by Choice)
  6. Alone in the Pavilion by R Beny on Natural Fiction (A Place to Bloom)
  7. Dulces Sueños by ALUNA on Raíces (self released)
  8. Earth Prayer by Peter Power on Earth Prayer (self released)
  9. Shōnen by Meitei on Kofū (KITCHEN. LABEL)
  10. Panther Spiritual by Millia Rage & Purelink on No Justice No Peace (naive)
  11. Dawn by Santilli on Surface (Into The Light)
  12. Tea Bazaar by Ki Oni on You Made It Out Of The Forest Alive (atlantic rhythms)
  13. It Was A Way To The Sky by ENOFA on Paxanimi (Doom Chakra Tapes)
  14. Camino De Flores (Quixosis Remix) by El Búho on Camino De Flores (Quixosis Remix) (Shika Shika)
  15. An Undiscovered Paradise (Instrumental) by El Búho & Ian Urbina on Aguas Profundas (Inspired by 'the Outlaw Ocean' a book by Ian Urbina) (Synesthesia Media)
  16. Sunset by Pacific Coliseum on Blue Universe (Coastal Haze)
  17. tenth moon by channelers on realm of twilight (never content)
  18. Wind Leaf Shimmer by Constant Shapes on Breathing Instruments (Touchtheplants)
  19. The Distance by Gaussian Curve on The Distance (Music From Memory)