Episode 100: Denley Hosts

Denley hosts the 100th and final (for a while) episode of Opal Heights.

Thank you to DJ4AM and K'in Sventa for cohosting with me.

Thank you to everyone who performed on the show, or submitted a mix.

Thank you to all the artists who's music we've played on the show.

Tonight's episode consists of a lot of music we've played on prior episodes, with a few new things sprinkled in.


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  1. everything's fine, I guess by OneWerd on everything's fine, I guess. (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  2. Plain Sight by Matt Bloom on Left Coast Conference Vol. 2 (77 Rise Recordings) Local $ Buy
  3. alder _ f1lthy _ oogiemane _CHANCE by alder, f1lthy, oogiemane on Soundcloud (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  4. Oakland Streets (Hustle for a Hobby) [feat. Negatron Johnson] by phillipdrummond on Oakland Streets (Hustle for a Hobby) [feat. Negatron Johnson] - Single (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  5. Cuttin Up Leaves 4 Breakfast by Stefen Lazer on Karma (77 Rise Recordings) Local $ Buy
  6. Crepe Cake Drizzle by D-Styles, Excess, Mike Boo & Pryvet Peepsho on 545 (Apertivo Records) Local $ Buy
  7. Talk To Me (prod. by Stanley Ipkuss & Maitre D) by Stoney Creation on Water For The Town v.2 (SMART BOMB) Local $ Buy
  8. Nonversations (feat. Nimsins) [Prod by Mejiwahn, ShunGu, and Daoud] by Spote Breeze on Soundcloud (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  9. UhUhUh by Origami Pyramid on Origami Pyramid Ep (Deepblip Records) Local $ Buy
  10. Steady by Jel on Late Pass (anticon.) Local $ Buy
  11. Blips and Bogies by MEGABUSIVE on Blips and Bogies (Beat Tape) (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  12. Sherry Baby / Come Bak To Me by Mark Aubert on Fake Island (SICKONASTY) Local $ Buy
  13. liddo spoon (produced by ovrkast) by samplelov on Soundcloud (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  14. When MCs Dream V2 f/ Sach & Denley by DJ4AM on The Illuminaughty EP#1 $tarlight (The Vampire on a Pony Network) Local $ Buy
  15. citynights by Stanley Ipkuss & ewonee thee beatnik on .indefinite. (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  16. Idgaf (feat. Ovrkast.) by demahjiae on And, Such Is Life. (do more.) Local $ Buy
  17. Sapo w/ Don Mock by mejiwahn on Lúil Ó Fadó (Hot Record Societé) Local $ Buy
  18. full moon by IDHAZ on drink the wind (True Indigo) Local $ Buy
  19. midnight lace by shipwreck detective on Midnight Lace (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  20. So Next Year (Produced by Denley) by The Zap Tap on NOTHING. (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  21. SIN AIRE by Baghead on (33) Top of the Hill (Old Soul Kollective) Local $ Buy
  22. Matador Plankton (feat. Nimsins & DJ Fooders) by The I.M.F. & Lmt. Break on Grime Status (Dead Pigeon Records) Local $ Buy
  23. LECTRIC ROSE by eighty9s on The Sunset (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  24. White Owls 4 Nite Owls by LIGHTBULB & DJ EONS ONE on LIGHTBULB VS. THE CRATE GOBLINS (Megakut Records) Local $ Buy
  25. Secret (Kubota Remix) by Metadashi on Anti-Implosion Campaign (Bonus Track) (Rizatek Records) Local $ Buy
  26. Rollin 7s by WADE08 on Unreleased (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  27. Climb (feat. Xiomara, Produced by Baghead) by Professa Gabel on DropZone (Solidarity Records) Local $ Buy
  28. Process by PAAVO on D.R.I.P. (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  29. One Day by pAS dOO on Think Less Doo More (Hot Record Société) Local $ Buy
  30. Rappers by BORED STIFF on Ghetto Research (Lifelines Publishing / Soul Note Records / Hella Records) Local $ Buy
  31. V-town (loose change dangle) by Johnny Venetti on LA STRADA vol 1 (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  32. Eulogy (for Mario Woods) [feat. Adeyemi & The Genie] by Brycon on Brutalism (EP) (Star Bakery Records / Megakut Records / I Had an Accident Records) Local $ Buy
  33. Don't Ask Permission by Motel Crew on MOTEL CREW (Megakut Records) Local $ Buy
  34. full circle by arboreal on anymore / yet (Self-Released) Local $ Buy
  35. Bodhi/Tekla by Snuise on Reminiscence (True Indigo) Local $ Buy
  36. Giver by k'in sventa on Unreleased (Self-Released) Local $ Buy