Episode 100: Denley Hosts

Denley hosts the 100th and final (for a while) episode of Opal Heights.

Thank you to DJ4AM and K'in Sventa for cohosting with me.

Thank you to everyone who performed on the show, or submitted a mix.

Thank you to all the artists who's music we've played on the show.

Tonight's episode consists of a lot of music we've played on prior episodes, with a few new things sprinkled in.


  1. everything's fine, I guess by OneWerd on everything's fine, I guess. (Self-Released) Local
  2. Plain Sight by Matt Bloom on Left Coast Conference Vol. 2 (77 Rise Recordings) Local
  3. alder _ f1lthy _ oogiemane _CHANCE by alder, f1lthy, oogiemane on Soundcloud (Self-Released) Local
  4. Oakland Streets (Hustle for a Hobby) [feat. Negatron Johnson] by phillipdrummond on Oakland Streets (Hustle for a Hobby) [feat. Negatron Johnson] - Single (Self-Released) Local
  5. Cuttin Up Leaves 4 Breakfast by Stefen Lazer on Karma (77 Rise Recordings) Local
  6. Crepe Cake Drizzle by D-Styles, Excess, Mike Boo & Pryvet Peepsho on 545 (Apertivo Records) Local
  7. Talk To Me (prod. by Stanley Ipkuss & Maitre D) by Stoney Creation on Water For The Town v.2 (SMART BOMB) Local
  8. Nonversations (feat. Nimsins) [Prod by Mejiwahn, ShunGu, and Daoud] by Spote Breeze on Soundcloud (Self-Released) Local
  9. UhUhUh by Origami Pyramid on Origami Pyramid Ep (Deepblip Records) Local
  10. Steady by Jel on Late Pass (anticon.) Local
  11. Blips and Bogies by MEGABUSIVE on Blips and Bogies (Beat Tape) (Self-Released) Local
  12. Sherry Baby / Come Bak To Me by Mark Aubert on Fake Island (SICKONASTY) Local
  13. liddo spoon (produced by ovrkast) by samplelov on Soundcloud (Self-Released) Local
  14. When MCs Dream V2 f/ Sach & Denley by DJ4AM on The Illuminaughty EP#1 $tarlight (The Vampire on a Pony Network) Local
  15. citynights by Stanley Ipkuss & ewonee thee beatnik on .indefinite. (Self-Released) Local
  16. Idgaf (feat. Ovrkast.) by demahjiae on And, Such Is Life. (do more.) Local
  17. Sapo w/ Don Mock by mejiwahn on Lúil Ó Fadó (Hot Record Societé) Local
  18. full moon by IDHAZ on drink the wind (True Indigo) Local
  19. midnight lace by shipwreck detective on Midnight Lace (Self-Released) Local
  20. So Next Year (Produced by Denley) by The Zap Tap on NOTHING. (Self-Released) Local
  21. SIN AIRE by Baghead on (33) Top of the Hill (Old Soul Kollective) Local
  22. Matador Plankton (feat. Nimsins & DJ Fooders) by The I.M.F. & Lmt. Break on Grime Status (Dead Pigeon Records) Local
  23. LECTRIC ROSE by eighty9s on The Sunset (Self-Released) Local
  24. White Owls 4 Nite Owls by LIGHTBULB & DJ EONS ONE on LIGHTBULB VS. THE CRATE GOBLINS (Megakut Records) Local
  25. Secret (Kubota Remix) by Metadashi on Anti-Implosion Campaign (Bonus Track) (Rizatek Records) Local
  26. Rollin 7s by WADE08 on Unreleased (Self-Released) Local
  27. Climb (feat. Xiomara, Produced by Baghead) by Professa Gabel on DropZone (Solidarity Records) Local
  28. Process by PAAVO on D.R.I.P. (Self-Released) Local
  29. One Day by pAS dOO on Think Less Doo More (Hot Record Société) Local
  30. Rappers by BORED STIFF on Ghetto Research (Lifelines Publishing / Soul Note Records / Hella Records) Local
  31. V-town (loose change dangle) by Johnny Venetti on LA STRADA vol 1 (Self-Released) Local
  32. Eulogy (for Mario Woods) [feat. Adeyemi & The Genie] by Brycon on Brutalism (EP) (Star Bakery Records / Megakut Records / I Had an Accident Records) Local
  33. Don't Ask Permission by Motel Crew on MOTEL CREW (Megakut Records) Local
  34. full circle by arboreal on anymore / yet (Self-Released) Local
  35. Bodhi/Tekla by Snuise on Reminiscence (True Indigo) Local
  36. Giver by k'in sventa on Unreleased (Self-Released) Local