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  1. Monster Man by Jeff Lorber Fusion on Galaxian (Arista) $ Buy
  2. Doin' It In A Haunted House by Yvonne Gage on Doin' It In A Haunted House (CIM) $ Buy
  3. I'm Scared by Evelyn "Champagne" King on A Long Time Coming (RCA) $ Buy
  4. The Wolfman by The Chaz Jackson Band With Rudy Gleason on The Wolfman (Lauren) $ Buy
  5. The Ghost Of The Samurai by China Express on The Ghost Of The Samurai / In Orient (Lupus) $ Buy
  6. Frankenstein (Horror Mix) by Phoebus on Frankenstein ( X-Energy) $ Buy
  7. Haunted House by Lee Oskar on Before The Rain (Electra) $ Buy
  8. Phantasm Disco by Fred Myrow And Malcolm Seagrave on Phantasm ( Seven Seas) $ Buy
  9. Sting Of The Serpent by Ray Davies on More Than Somewhat! (Programme) $ Buy
  10. Funky Ghost by Teddy Lasry And Co on Teddy Lasry And Co (Patchwork) $ Buy
  11. Dracula pt 1. by The Jimmy Castor Bunch on E-Man Groovin' (Atlantic) $ Buy
  12. Blood City Funk by Human Blood on Blood City Funk (Witches Brew) $ Buy
  13. The Raving Vampire by Souls Unlimited on The Raving Vampire (Wigwam) $ Buy
  14. Evil Ways by The Brothers Seven on Evil Ways (Good Luck) $ Buy
  15. Burn Devil Burn by The Soul Messengers ‎ on The Soul Messengers (CBS) $ Buy
  16. The Season of the Witch by Lou Rawls ‎ on The Way It Was, The Way It Is (Capitol ) $ Buy
  17. Frankenstein, Blackenstein by Midnight Movers, Unlimited on Follow The Wind (Buddah) $ Buy
  18. Munsters Theme by Comateens ‎ on Comateens ‎ (Catchalot) $ Buy
  19. Teenage Monster by Oingo Boingo on Only a Lad (Demos) (Elfman) $ Buy
  20. Devil in My Car by The B-52's on Wild Planet (Warner Bros.) $ Buy
  21. Hollywood Halloween by Section 8 on Hollywood Halloween (Zero Zero) $ Buy
  22. Halloween by Japan on Quiet Life (Sony) $ Buy
  23. Theme From Halloween by MX-80 Sound on Crowd Control (1981) $ Buy
  24. Pass Me Da Green by Master P on Ghetto D (Priority) $ Buy
  25. The End (Disco Version) by John Carpenter on The End (ZYX) $ Buy
  26. Dracula by Linda Susan Bauer on Venus (Ariola ) $ Buy