1. Monster Man by Jeff Lorber Fusion on Galaxian (Arista)
  2. Doin' It In A Haunted House by Yvonne Gage on Doin' It In A Haunted House (CIM)
  3. I'm Scared by Evelyn "Champagne" King on A Long Time Coming (RCA)
  4. The Wolfman by The Chaz Jackson Band With Rudy Gleason on The Wolfman (Lauren)
  5. The Ghost Of The Samurai by China Express on The Ghost Of The Samurai / In Orient (Lupus)
  6. Frankenstein (Horror Mix) by Phoebus on Frankenstein (X-Energy)
  7. Haunted House by Lee Oskar on Before The Rain (Electra)
  8. Phantasm Disco by Fred Myrow And Malcolm Seagrave on Phantasm (Seven Seas)
  9. Sting Of The Serpent by Ray Davies on More Than Somewhat! (Programme)
  10. Funky Ghost by Teddy Lasry And Co on Teddy Lasry And Co (Patchwork)
  11. Dracula pt 1. by The Jimmy Castor Bunch on E-Man Groovin' (Atlantic)
  12. Blood City Funk by Human Blood on Blood City Funk (Witches Brew)
  13. The Raving Vampire by Souls Unlimited on The Raving Vampire (Wigwam)
  14. Evil Ways by The Brothers Seven on Evil Ways (Good Luck)
  15. Burn Devil Burn by The Soul Messengers ‎ on The Soul Messengers (CBS)
  16. The Season of the Witch by Lou Rawls ‎ on The Way It Was, The Way It Is (Capitol)
  17. Frankenstein, Blackenstein by Midnight Movers, Unlimited on Follow The Wind (Buddah)
  18. Munsters Theme by Comateens ‎ on Comateens ‎ (Catchalot)
  19. Teenage Monster by Oingo Boingo on Only a Lad (Demos) (Elfman)
  20. Devil in My Car by The B-52's on Wild Planet (Warner Bros.)
  21. Hollywood Halloween by Section 8 on Hollywood Halloween (Zero Zero)
  22. Halloween by Japan on Quiet Life (Sony)
  23. Theme From Halloween by MX-80 Sound on Crowd Control (Ralph)
  24. Pass Me Da Green by Master P on Ghetto D (Priority)
  25. The End (Disco Version) by John Carpenter on The End (ZYX)
  26. Dracula by Linda Susan Bauer on Venus (Ariola)