1. Featured r cazt by Autechre on SIGN (Warp) New
  2. Tirta Empul by Flora Yin-Wong on Holy Palm (Modern Love) New
  3. Afraid by Penelope Trappes on Eel Drip (Houndstooth) New
  4. Featured Helix III by Kelly Moran on Chain Reaction at Dusk (Hospital Productions) New
  5. Stroll Around by Viviankrist on Alabaster White (Ritual Productions) New
  6. Featured Red River by Salem on Fires in Heaven (Self-released) New
  7. Cellygrin by E-Saggila on Corporate Cross (Hospital Productions) New
  8. Agalma II (feat. Caterina Barbieri) by Drew McDowall on Agalma (Dais) New
  9. Featured Tokyo Exorcist by Prurient on Chain Reaction At Dusk (Hospital Productions) New
  10. Two Autumns by Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star on Two Autumns (Posh Isolation) New
  11. So Humble the Afternoon by Julia Holter on Adult Swim’s Singles Series (Domino)
  12. The Wheel of Fortune by William Basinski on Lamentations (Temporary Residence Ltd.) New