Brighter Days 006

Exciting show tonight, the turntables are hooked up through my modular synth for some nice and wacky filter sweeps early in the set. Spent some time in the 2010-2013 Deep House Land, broke out some hotel bar 45s to lift the vibe, then closed out with a Moody rarity and a return trip to Le Parc. Hope you dig it, thanks for listening.


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  1. Bois de Boulogne by Tangerine Dream on Le Parc (Relativity Records) $ Buy
  2. Caught Up by Metro Area on Straight A's (Environ) $ Buy
  3. D-Town Connection by Andres on Datlien EP (NDATL) $ Buy
  4. Little Boots (An Emperor Machine Special Edit Version) by Locussolus on Harvey Presents Locussolus (International Feel Recordings) $ Buy
  5. Dog's Anthem by Two Dogs in a House on single (Discos Capablanca) $ Buy
  6. Agua (Douster & Yaero) by Jamez Manuel on single (NAAFI) $ Buy
  7. Give Up by Greymatter on Wolf EP22 (Wolf Records) $ Buy
  8. Monster Box (Original Mix) by Jayson Brothers (MCDE Recordings) $ Buy
  9. Party Together (Tom Noble Edit) by Superbs on single (People's Potential Unlimited) $ Buy
  10. Keep On (KZR Edit) by D-Train on Stilove4music03 (Stilove4music) $ Buy
  11. Sure Shot by Tracy Weber on single (Quality Records) $ Buy
  12. Automatic (Special Remix) by Pointer Sisters on single (Planet) $ Buy
  13. Your Love Makes Me A Winner by Arian on Arian (Favorite Recordings) $ Buy
  14. Girl You Need a Change of Mind by Eddie Kendricks on My People Hold On (Motown) $ Buy
  15. Why Can't We Still Together by Kongas on single (Malligator Records) $ Buy
  16. I Keep Forgetting by Michael McDonald on single ( Warner Bros) $ Buy
  17. Special Night by Lee Fields on single (Big Crown) $ Buy
  18. Kitaasku by Sketches From An Island on single (International Feel) $ Buy
  19. I'd Rather Be Lonely by Moodymann on Moxa Vol. 1 - Follow the X (Rebirth) $ Buy
  20. Altered States by Ron Trent on Altered States (Original Plates) (Prescription Classics Recordings) $ Buy
  21. Embrace by Lenni Gait's Melody Band on Monday Night Underground EP (Collective Rhythm Network) $ Buy