SAD13, respect the dead and yourself.

In 2019 SAD13 completed what would be their sophomore album, an album that takes spooky themes as a way to cope with grief and mental illness. Haunted Painting was released on Sadie Dupuis's (SAD13) label Wax Nine and produced by Illuminati Hotties' Sarah Tudzin. An album that tackles themes of not wanting to go outside, dreaming of what could have been, death, ghosts, and isolation. An album that is perfect for 2020 when the creators had no clue 2020 would be the year of isolation and manifested poltergeists. 

SAD13 has been the indie scene's spooky queen, and so they were the perfect none local musician to talk about weird stuff with. In this podcast, we learn about some personal ghosts, weird owls, and how bros need to stop screaming at ghosts. Please stop screaming at up, we're already dead. 

Featured SAD13 songs: Ghost of a Good Time, WTD, Hysterical, all from the brand new album Haunted Painting

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