transfiguration #161 Halloween Horror Mix (tina burner)


  1. Thunder, Lightening and Rain by Walt Disney Sound Effects Group on Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House (Walt Disney Records)
  2. The Last Stop by Uilos on I: Dark Night of the Soul (So Called Hell)
  3. Afterlife/Judgement by John Bence (Thrill Jockey Records)
  4. She fell asleep somewhere outside the world by David Toop on Apparition Paintings (Room40)
  5. A Long Paleness by Graeme Miller & Steve Shill on The Carrier Frequency (Finders Keepers)
  6. Truth by Isolating on Perennial (Agnes / 4GN3S)
  7. Music For Three Combs by Lisa Lerkenfeldt on Collagen (Shelter Press)
  8. Hymn For 2020 by Magik Markers on 2020 (Drag City Records)
  9. Spirits of Redeemer by Summer of Seventeen on Summer of Seventeen (Karlrecords)
  10. Tropy by Samutek on Omamy (Evening Chants)
  11. Nightmare Moon Desert by Karwan Marouf on Oskar & Lily – Where No One Knows Us (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Ronahi Records)
  12. Alone by Timo van Luijk & Mark Harwood on Vang Circular (Penultimate Press)
  13. Le Hable a la ola del mar by Mint Field on Sentimiento Mundial (felte)
  14. Toom by Rojin Sharafi on Zangaar (Zabte Sote)
  15. Scamming Shaman Pin by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier on Left My Brain @ Can Paixano (La Xampanyeria) Ost (Haunter Records)
  16. Fog Constellation (Approaching) by Kassel Jaeger on Swamps/Things (Shelter Press)
  17. Point Zero (feat. Bob Stohl & Kat Epple) by Barry Cleveland on Stones of Precious Water (Telephone Explosion Records)
  18. Mass for the Endangered by Gabriel Crouch & Gallicantus on Sarah Kirkland Snider: Mass for the Endangered (Nonesuch Records)
  19. Tranq by Buttechno on Psy X (Gost Zvuk)
  20. Them (Prologue) [feat. Malibu] by Oliver Coates on A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North (Geographic North)
  21. Avuls I by Only Now X Orogen on Avuls (Sucata Tapes)
  22. Early Morning Mist by Daniel O'Sullivan on Electric Māyā: Dream Flotsam and Astral Hinterlands (VHF)
  23. Klirrfaktor by Conrad Schnitzler & Frank Bretschneider on Con-Struct (Bureau B)
  24. Sat by Désaccord Majeur on Sunquake (A Colourful Storm)
  25. Sunder by Nicolas Jaar on Cenizas (Other People)
  26. Burning Feather by Eartheater on Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin (PAN)
  27. To Lonely Shores by Locust on After the Rain (Channel Of Light)
  28. Black Wind, Pt. 1 by Only Now on Black Wind / Merciless Destiny (Kush Arora Publishing)
  29. Ker P.O.G. itw by Principles of Geometry on Tigersushi Demos 2000-2020 (Tigersushi Records)
  30. Palermo, June 1848 by Guy Hobsbawm on Communes Qui Poussent Comme Des Champignons Après Le Déluge (Mysteries of the Deep)
  31. Barnacles by Hyph11E on Barnacles (SVBKVLT)
  32. Kiss of the Phoenix by Eartheater on Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin (PAN)
  33. Nora by Samutek on Omamy (Evening Chants)
  34. Wisdom Has a Certain Innocence To It (feat. Anthony Baldino) [feat. Anthony Baldino] by Valance Drakes on Freedom Is Its Own Kind of Salary (LAAPS)
  35. Drifting Off To Birds by Erik K Skodvin on Anbessa (Miasmah Recordings)
  36. Berceuse by Penelope Trappes on Eel Drip (Houndstooth)
  37. Inertia by Ossia on Devil’s Dance (Blackest Ever Black)
  38. End of Summer, Pt. 3 (with Hildur Gudnadottir & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe) by Jóhann Jóhannsson on End of Summer (with Hildur Gudnadottir & Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe) (Sonic Pieces)
  39. Shenandoah, Texas by J D Emmanuel on New Neighborhoods (Freedom To Spend)
  40. The Great Pumpkin Waltz by Vince Guaraldi on It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Craft Recordings)