Tuff Signals Halloween


  1. Eclipse by Staring Problem on Eclipse (Modern Tapes)
  2. Graveyard Orbit by Anxious Living on Anxious Livig EP (Let's Pretend)
  3. Hex by LVL UP on Hoodwink'd (Exploding in Sound)
  4. Shrouds by Wren Kits on Early Worm (Sophomore Lounge)
  5. Thought I'd Seen A Ghost by Bleach Party on Endless Bender (Tall Pat)
  6. Frightful in the Sunlight by Chemtrails on The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable (PNKSLM)
  7. Pet Cemetray by The Paranoyds on Pet Cemetery (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  8. Skeleton by Dame on Dame (Beach Impediment)
  9. Stay Evil by Black Ends on Call & Response Compilation (Halfshell)
  10. Cuarzo by Neptune on Call & Response Compilation (Halfshell)
  11. I Am The Moon by Mr. Elevator on Drips//Drops (Self Released)
  12. Into The Catacombs by Sad13 on Haunted Painting (Self Released)
  13. Boogie Man by Fox Face on Spoil + Destroy (Dirtnap)
  14. Midnight Passenger by Ex-Cult on Midnight Passenger (Goner)
  15. Seance by Ray Gun on Ray Gun EP (It's Trash!)
  16. Ouiji Board by Heavy Times on Fix It Alone (HoZac)
  17. Haunted House by Candy Smokes on Gruesome Twosome (Hidden Volume)
  18. My Love is a Bat by the Hex Dispensers on Winchester Mystery House (Douchemaster)
  19. Book of Shadows by Houseghost on Houseghost (Rad Girlfriend)
  20. Submission by King Khan Unlimited on Hollywood R n R (Khannibalism)
  21. Midnight Monsters by Happy Fangs on Happy Fangs (Self Released)
  22. Ghost in the Trees by The Oh Sees on The Master's Bedroom (Is Worth Spending a Night In) (Castle Face)
  23. Maybe The Weather by L.A. Witch on Play With Fire (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  24. Zombie Crush by The Groovie Ghoulies on Re-Animation Festival (Lookout!)
  25. Ghosts by Prude Boys (Self Released)
  26. I'm A Witch by The Exbats on I'm a Witch / Kill Yr Boyfriend (Self Released)
  27. Haunted House by Thee Tsunamis on Delirium and Dark Waters EP (Magnetic South)
  28. Curse by Endless Bummer on Volume One (In The Red)
  29. Idols by The Lupines on Eternal Wax (Self Released)
  30. Ghost on the Highway by The Gun Club on Fire of Love (Ruby Records)
  31. Graveyard by Dead Moon on In the Graveyard (Tombstone)
  32. Lone Witch by Wiccans on Bad Habit (Outer Limits Lounge)
  33. Pagans by Protomartyr on Under Color of Official Right (Hardly Art)
  34. A Ghost Named Milk by The Burning Peppermints on A Ghost Names Milk//Cape II (Self Released)
  35. Dead Rise by The Crypt Kickers on The Crypt Kickers (Self Released)
  36. Horror Scope by Cochonne on Cochonne (Sorry State Records)
  37. I Was a Teenage Werewolf by The Cramps on Songs the Lord Taught Us (IRS Records)
  38. Werewolf Factory by Jack Name on Weird Moons (Castle Face)
  39. Rope of Fire by Abronia on Call & Response Compilation (Halfshell Records)