sadderday, #161


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  1. Books on Tape by Down to Earth Approach on Another Intervention (Vagrant) $ Buy
  2. Faith Healer by Julien Baker on Little Oblivions (Matador) $ Buy
  3. Break
  4. I'm Alive by The Dangerous Summer on I'm Alive (Molly Water) $ Buy
  5. Break
  6. The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life by Great Wight on The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life (Self Released) $ Buy
  7. We Are Both Writers by Kind of Like Spitting on Bridges Worth Burning (Barsuk) $ Buy
  8. The Only Thing That Matters by Spitalfield on Better Than Knowing Where You Are (Victory) $ Buy
  9. Break
  10. Miracle of Life by Bright Eyes on Miracle of Life (Dead Oceans) $ Buy
  11. Break
  12. Two Weeks In December by Skullcrusher on Skullcrusher EP (Secretly Canadian) $ Buy
  13. Take Your Vitamins by Retirement Party on Somewhat Literate (Counter Intuitive) $ Buy
  14. yell heah by hospital bracelet on Silver Cactus (13292911) $ Buy
  15. Break
  16. In October of 2019 I Called a Suicide Hotline for the First Time in My Life by Your Arms Are My Cocoon on Your Arms Are My Cocoon (Self Released) $ Buy
  17. Косая клетка by МАЯК on Cрыв (Sryv) (Self Released) $ Buy
  18. Break
  19. An Impression by Record Setter on I Owe You Nothing (Topshelf) $ Buy
  20. Far Too Gone by Tiger Sunset on Tigre Sunset (Self Released) $ Buy
  21. Break
  22. I Got Worried…I Was So Freaking Scared of That Window, You Know by Suffocate for Fuck Sake on Blazing Fires and Helicopters on the Front Page of the Newspaper. There's a War Going On and I'm Marching in Heavy Boots. (Moment of collapse) $ Buy
  23. Break
  24. A Good Death by GLASSING on Spotted Horse (Zegema Beach) $ Buy
  25. Break
  26. Waterfront Dance Club by Funeral for a Friend on Memory And Humanity (Victory) $ Buy
  27. Thanks, I Hate It by Kid You Not on Thanks, I Hate It (Deep Elm) $ Buy
  28. Break
  29. Brakeless by The Wonder Years on Brakeless (Hopeless) $ Buy
  30. Letterboxd by dannythestreet on Fatal 4 Way (Open Door) $ Buy
  31. Break
  32. Mixed Signals by Glimmers on Cluttered Heart (Common Ground COllective) $ Buy
  33. 悪戯 by tricot on 10 (AVEX) $ Buy
  34. Break
  35. And I Am a Woman by Angie McMahon on Salt (Dualtone) $ Buy
  36. 2K by Soul Glo, Archangel on Songs to Yeet at the Sun (Secret Voice) $ Buy
  37. Break
  38. You're No Good to Me Dead by I Am the Avalanche on Dive (I Surrender) $ Buy
  39. Break
  40. We Love You So Much by The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick on Ways of Hearing (Count Your Lucky Stars!) $ Buy
  41. Break
  42. Parallel Universes by The Velvet Teen on Parallel Universes / Mean Mind (Self Released) $ Buy
  43. Kyoto by Mint Green on Phoebe Bridgers Covers (Self Released) $ Buy
  44. blood (feat. KennyHoopla & JUDGE) by nothing,nowhere., KennyHoopla, Judge on blood (Fueled BY Ramen) $ Buy
  45. Break
  46. Paint's Peeling by Sad13 on No Bad Words For The Coast Today: The Execution Of All Things Covers Comp (Until Crickets Guide You Back) $ Buy