1. Proud by Lol K on The Breeze (Halcyon Veil) New
  2. Interlude by Sergei Demin on Not Music Of The Day (Klammklang)
  3. A Lament by The Body on I've Seen All I Need To See (Thrill Jockey) New
  4. Arrow by Ssaliva on I'm the One with No Soul (Self-released)
  5. Agalma V (feat. Kali Malone) by Drew McDowall on Agalma (Dais) New
  6. Featured Crisis by Salem on Fires In Heaven (Salem) New
  7. The Burrower by Jasmine Guffond & Erik K Skodvin on The Burrow (Sonic Pieces) New
  8. No Mind by Nosaj Thing on No Mind (LuckyMe) New
  9. Frossen Luft by Chinei Hatakeyama & Dirk Serries on Black Frost (Glacial Movements) New
  10. Gepackte Zeit (für Hanne Darboven) by Black To Comm on Oocyte Oil & Stolen Androgens (Thrill Jockey) New
  11. Featured Loci I by Flora Yin-Wong on Holy Palm (Modern Love) New