Alley Cat Radio (Episode 59)


  1. Cocaine Sunday by Eyedress on Sensitive G (Eyedress)
  2. monday by somegirlnamedanna on twenty one, twenty two (somegirlnamedanna)
  3. Tuesday by NEIL FRANCES on Single (NEIL FRANCES)
  4. Wednesday by Good Morning on Shawcross (Good Morning)
  5. Thursday by Peach Pit on You and Your Friends (Peach Pit)
  6. Friday by MOTi, JGUAR on Club Zero Cool, Vol. 1 (MOTi)
  7. Saturday by Kota the Friend on Single (FItbys)
  8. Sunday by Emmett Kai on Baby Hits! (Emmett Kai)
  9. Monday by Frameworks on Imagine Gold (Frameworks)
  10. Tuesday by Austin Marc on Couple Ideas (Austin Marc)
  11. Wednesday Afternoon by FAIR GAME on Single (FAIR GAME)
  12. Hey Thursday by Knapsack on Single (Knapsack)
  13. Friday Morning by Khruangbin on Con Todo El Mundo (nightime stories)
  14. Saturdays by Twin Shadow feat. HAIM on Caer (Twin Shadow)
  15. Sunday Best by Surfaces on Where the Light Is (Surfaces, LLC / TenThousand Projects, LLC)