At Ease With @Jon_Digital and Lizzie Bonito Episode 005 - 11/19/20

So happy to welcome Lizzie Bonito onto the show this week! Wear headphones!


  1. Bang Bang by Betty Chung on Back To Mine (Back To Mine)
  2. Idol Eyes by Common Saints on Single (Starsonics)
  3. Giants by Pete Josef on I Rise With The Birds (Sonar Kolletiv) New
  4. Momus by Tamil Rogeon on Single (Soul Bank Music) New
  5. Motorcycle Doug by Ornament on Commotion (Ornament Records) New
  6. Jass Fund Haus -Sworn Virgins by Kapote on Remix EP 2 (Toy Tronics)
  7. Japanese Woman by Coeo on Tonic Edits Vol. 8 (The Japan Reworks) (Toy Tronics)
  8. Sample Dream by Magou on Dreams (Toy Tronics)
  9. I Want Your Love - Dimitri From Paris Remix by Chic on Single (Glitterbox)
  10. Baba Ayoola by KOKOROKO on Single (Brownswood Recordings) New
  11. Ambasel by Hailu Mergia on Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
  12. Love And Hate In A Different Time by Gabriels on Single (Gabriels) New
  13. Reckoner - Maribou State Remix by Radiohead on Fabric Presents Maribou State (Fabric)
  14. Utopic Cities by Solis Lacus on Solis Lacus (Heavenly Sweetness)
  15. Back To The Bap by Anthony Drawn on Back To The Bap (Sichtexot)
  16. Out Of The Woods by Lydian Collective on Single (Lydian Label)
  17. Is It All Over My Face by Loose Joints on Larry Levans Classic West End Records (Verse Music Group)
  18. Home At Last by Steely Dan on Aja (ABC)