Tuff Signals - Episode 71


  1. Kids Get Grids by Braid (Topshelf Records)
  2. City On The Hill by Desaparecidos on Payola (Epitaph)
  3. Marisha by France Camp on Purge (Forged Artifact)
  4. Don't Wanna Live by Hector's Pets on Pet-O-Feelia (Burger Records)
  5. Blah Blah Blah by Girlpool on Girlpool (Wichita)
  6. Music Is the Thing by John Krautner on Fun With Gum, Vol. 1 (Burger Records)
  7. Battery acid child by The Sweet Bones on Rubber tracks (Converse Rubber Tracks)
  8. Head In The Ground by Plush on Pine (Self Released)
  9. S T A T I C (oh no ok) by POW! on Fight Fire (Castle Face Records)
  10. Th Ppl R Hm by The Underground Railroad to Candyland on The People Are Home (Recess Records)
  11. Stepped Out by Jurassic Shark (Self Released)
  12. The Ceiling by Thee Oh Sees on 50 BANDS & A CAT FOR INDIANA EQUALITY (Joyful Noise Recordings)
  13. The Point by Xetas on The Redeemer (12XU)
  14. Fan the Flames by Sheer Mag on II 7 (Wilsuns RC/Katorga Works)
  15. Levitate Thigh by Heaters on Mean Green 7 (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  16. Elevator Girls by Flesh Panthers on Flesh Panthers (Tall Pat Records)
  17. Drag by Thee Tsunamis on Saturday Night Sweetheart (Magnetic South)
  18. Watermelons by Brat Kings on Good Drugs/Watermelons 7 (Hosehead Records)
  19. Blogging by Wire on WIRE (Pink Flag)
  20. Late Bloomer by Doe on First Four (Old Flame)
  21. Young Girls by PINS on Wild Nights (Bella Union)
  22. Electricity by Table Scraps (Self Released)
  23. Aimee by Bearhug on So Gone (Spunk)
  24. Detroit Michigan by Andre Williams on Bait and Switch (Norton Records)
  25. Ask The Lonely by Ask the Lonely 7 on The Four Tops (Motown Records)
  26. After Laughter (Comes Tears) by Wendy Rene on After Laughter / What Will Tomorrow Bring 7 (Stax)
  27. Baby, Come Back by The Equals on Unequalled Equals (President Records)
  28. Gino Is A Coward by Gino Washington on Gino Is A Coward / Puppet On A String (SonBert)
  29. The Pied Piper by Billy Williams on The Pied Piper / Butterfly 7 (Coral)
  30. One Little Dance by The Moovers on I Love You Baby/One Little Dance (Brent)
  31. Psycho by The Sonics on Here Are the Sonics (Norton Records)
  32. Spit You Out by METZ on II (Sub Pop Records)
  33. Snackin' After Midnight by The King Khan & BBQ Show on Bad News Boys (In The Red)
  34. Don't Go by Radical Dads on Universal Coolers (Old Flame)