Life As It Is with Baqvas

Mid-pandemic, post-election, almost winter -- simply a set for life as it is. Whether you've experiences sadness, joy, anger, or overwhelm, I hope this set serves a good tonic for all that.

Riz Ahmed's I Miss You (dedicated to the ones we miss and the ones we've lost)

Forbes: Toronto Electronic Duo LAL On Peace, Protest And Their New Album

System of a Down Bandcamp

Sonny Singh's Koi Bol Ram Music Video

Noisey: Chalo: The Compilation Tape Celebrating South Asian Music


  1. I Miss You by Riz Ahmed (Self Released)
  2. Protect The Land by System Of A Down (American, Columbia) New
  3. Naiveté by The Flossies on Impression (Self Released)
  4. Is This Where It Ends by Nabihah Iqbal on Chalo Compilation (The Jazz Diaries) New
  5. Turner on the 20 by Sarathy Korwar feat. Zia Ahmed on Chalo Compilation (The Jazz Diaries) New
  6. Who You Are by LAL on Meteors Could Come Down (Self Released) New
  7. Heteronormative Horseshit Blues by Shilpa Ray (Self Released)
  8. Koi Bol Ram by Sonny Singh (Self Released)
  9. Floated By by Peter-Cat-Recording on Chalo Compilation (The Jazz Diaries) New
  10. Ganges Delta Blues by Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt on A Meeting By The River (Water Lily Acoustics)