"what won’t be itself in the light"

Catching up on some new and recent releases this week, including cellist Diana Golden's exploration of Haitian music, Kaki King's gorgeous guitar and sound collages, a compilation to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the chamber music collective counter)induction, and Joseph C. Phillips Jr.'s fascinatingly variegate mono-opera, as well as a sneak peek at Benjamin Louis Brody and Ian Chang (of Son Lux)'s forthcoming electroacoustic collaboration. Enjoy!


  1. Werner Jaegerhuber: Petite Suite: I. [Prélude] by Diana Golden on Tanbou Kache (New Focus) New
  2. VI. Agnus Dei by Gallicantus on Sarah Kirkland Snider: Mass for the Endangered (New Amsterdam/Nonesuch) New
  3. Paula Matthusen: Dead Horse Bay by Michi Wiancko on Planetary Candidate (New Amsterdam) New
  4. as love grows by Lorelei Ensemble, Beth Willer (conductor) on David Lang: love fail (Cantaloupe)
  5. Terrain by Jacob Cooper with Ashley Bathgate, Theo Bleckmann & Jodie Landau on Terrain (New Amsterdam)
  6. Goodchild by Kaki King on Modern Yesterdays (Cantaloupe) New
  7. John Luther Adams: The Become Trilogy by Seattle Symphony, Ludovic Morlot (conductor) on John Luther Adams: The Become Trilogy (Cantaloupe) New
  8. II. The Romantic Constellation - Autumn by Roomful of Teeth on Michael Harrison: Just Constellations EP (New Amsterdam)
  9. Meredith Monk: Spaceship by Bang on a Can All-Stars on Meredith Monk: MEMORY GAME (Cantaloupe)
  10. 4. What We Began by Roomful of Teeth with Jason Treuting on Wally Gunn: The Ascendant EP (New Amsterdam)
  11. Front and Center by Molly Joyce on Breaking and Entering (New Amsterdam)
  12. Tania León: Alma by Sarah Frisof, Daniel Pesca on Beauty Crying Forth: Flute Music by Women Across Time (Furious Artisans)
  13. ASMR II by Benjamin Louis Brody and Ian Chang on Floating Into Infinity (New Amsterdam) New
  14. Alvin Singleton: Ein Kleines Volkslied by counter)induction (Benjamin Fingland, Caleb van der Swaagh, Daniel Lippel, Jeffrey Irving, Renate Rohlfing, Randall Zigler) on Against Method (New Focus) New
  15. I Should Have Been Motherfucking Black Mamba! by Joseph C. Phillips Jr. and Numinous with Rebecca L Hargrove on The Grey Land (New Amsterdam) New
  16. Part I: I've got that trans-dimensional feeling again by JOYFULTALK on A Separation Of Being (Constellation)