1. Baby Roulette by ShitKid on Crotchrock EP (PNKSLM)
  2. I'm on the Brink by More Kicks on Same (Wanda)
  3. Make Time for Water by L'Resorts on Sad Happens (Self-Released)
  4. The Quiet Ones by Kelley Stoltz on Ah! (etc) (Agitated)
  5. Moths by Ötzi on Storm (Artoffact)
  6. The Head and the Heart by Spectres on Nostalgia (Artoffact)
  7. We Human by OHMME on We Human x Eagle Eye (Self Released)
  8. Wolfman by Suzie True on Saddest Girl at the Party (Get Better)
  9. Heartstone by Chronophage on The Pig Kiss'd (Cleta Patra)
  10. Too Cold to Hold by Bass Drum of Death on Too Cold to Hold/Wait (Muscle Beach)
  11. High War by Zipper on Dreamer's Gate (Tenth Court)
  12. Under the Wires by Pottery on Welcome to Bobby's Motel (Partisan)
  13. Me N' Mine by Wild Wing on New Futures (Self Released)
  14. Karolina by Jack Name on Magic Touch (Mexican Summer)
  15. Cut It Down by TJ Cabot & Thee Artificial Rejects on Cabot & Thee Artificial Rejects (Alien Snatch!)
  16. Cassiopeia by Susan on As I Was LP (Volar)
  17. Knots by Speed Stick on Volume One (Don Giovanni)
  18. Mouse Journal by Hot Gum on Hot Gum (State Champion Records)
  19. Negative Heart by Permits on Time Permits (Tenth Court)
  20. Still Thinking of You by Wish Granters on s/t (State Champion Records)
  21. The Humblest by Hobby on Hobby (Hidden Bay)
  22. Silence by Galore on Galore (Rocks in Your Head)
  23. The Spirit Of by Cloud Nothings on The Shadow I Remember (Carpark)
  24. For No One for Now by Lael Neale on For No One for Now (Sub Pop)
  25. Putty by Purple Wizard on Power of Love (Girlsville)
  26. Who You Are by Castlebeat on Melodrama (Spirit Goth)
  27. Heart of Gold by Field Mouse on Meaning (Topshelf Records)
  28. Keep Cup by Slush (Hysterical Records)
  29. Where Have All the Good Times Gone by The Cinks on Covid Clasics (Kennel Jitters)
  30. Augmented by Real People on Life Without a Head (Slovenly)
  31. Glow, Explodes by Alpha Hopper on Alpha Hex Index (Hex)
  32. Bread Box / Wagon by The Stools on Killed by Meth #5 LP (It's Trash)
  33. Pleasant Valley Sunday by The Chives on The Chives (Super Wimpy Punch)
  34. Crimewave by Black Planet on Killed by Meth #5 LP (It's Trash)
  35. Rock'n'Roll Heart by TB Ridge as the Director on Rock'n'Roll Heart (Anti Fade)
  36. Teacher's Pet by Melody on Teacher's Pet (Lauren)