At Ease With @Jon_Digital Episode 007 - 12/03/20

How much wood did the woodchuck chuck? Wear headphones. 


  1. Pishkesh by Googoosh on Fasle Tazeh (Taraneh Enterprises)
  2. Shante - Joey Negro Cosmic Funk Mix by Mass Production on Welcome to Our World (Joey Negro Funk In the Music Mix) (Warner)
  3. Sesaat Kau Hadir - Munir Remix by Utha Likumahuwa on Sesaat Kau Hadir (Munir Remix) (Warner)
  4. We Can Move by Free Youth on We Can Move (Soundway Records)
  5. To Parado Na Tua by Almir Ricardi on Festa Funk (Som Livre)
  6. Oil by Dampe on Oil (Darker Than Wax) New
  7. Naturals (Transcendental Mix) by Glenn Astro on Homespun (Tartlet Records) New
  8. Andy by Les Rita Mitsouko on The No Comprendo (Because Music)
  9. Chameleon - Taggy Matcher Disco Mix by Taggy Matcher on Singasong (Copyright Control)
  10. Sketch for Bulls Dozing by Fila Brazillia on From The DATs (FBRA) New
  11. Enjoy Your Life by Melodiesinfonie on A Journey to You (Jakarta Records)
  12. Clean by Lurka on 10.01 (Don't Be Afraid)
  13. Mutual Love - Hugo LX Remix by Fredfades on Remixes (Mutual Intentions)
  14. Rose 32 by Lifted on 3.3 (Future Time Records)
  15. Asiko (In a Silent Mix) - Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix by Tony Allen on Dekmantel 10 Years 10.2 (Dekmantel)
  16. Jubilee by Lorenz Rhode on Belair EP (Dirt Crew Recordings)
  17. La Parisienne by Feiertag on La Parisienne (Sonar Kollektiv)
  18. Kumasi Walk by Ikebe Shakedown on Ikebe Shakedown (Ubiquity Recordings)
  19. Sticky July by Butcher Brown on All Purpose Music (Jellowstone)
  20. Gata by Bjørn Torske on Gata (Smalltown Supertown)