Director Merawi Gerima of the Netflix film Residue

Much like its title, this is a movie that stays with you. On its surface, it's a film about a man coming home to his childhood neighborhood that he no longer recognizes. But in the context of a social uprising in support of black lives, this film is a cautionary tale. Director/producer/writer Merawi Gerima is here to make sure his community in DC not only has a voice, but does not get erased. We sit down with him to discuss why he felt a sense of urgency to tell this story, and how he hopes this film can become part of a larger conversation that leads towards real systematic change. We get into his stylistic choices, and how casting locals from the neighborhood (including his mother, filmmaker Shirikiana Aina) added authenticity to the story. We also give a shout out to Ava DuVernay's production company, Array, for opening important doors for marginalized voices to be heard. We hope you enjoy our interview, support this film, and remain part of the conversation.

Residue is streaming on Netflix now!

Check out Merawi's powerful Director's Intro to the film.

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