Casually Crying - Episode 137 - Peach Pit, Lucy Dacus, Sorry Girls, SASAMI

it's almost 2021!!! what the hell. this week i go through my MOST played songs of 2020. i would love to know what your most played songs were this year, tag me on instagram @casually_crying.

feel free to send me an email at with any comments, questions, or requests. thanks 4 listening.


  1. B-A-B-Y by Carla Thomas on Carla (Atlantic)
  2. Fire Island by Blush on Blush (Arrowhawk)
  3. Break
  4. Featured Shampoo Bottles by Peach Pit on You and Your Friends (Columbia)
  5. Kingston by Faye Webster on Atlanta Millionaires Club (Secretly Canadian)
  6. Bizarre Love Triangle by urbanation on Bizarre Love Triangle (bianca ocampo) Local
  7. BFF.FM Fundraiser by - (
  8. Need Your Love by Tennis on Runner (Mutually Detrimental)
  9. Featured La Vie En Rose by Lucy Dacus on La Vie En Rose (Matador)
  10. Forgotten Eyes by Big Thief on Two Hands (4AD)
  11. Break
  12. Pretty Bitch Freestyle by Saweetie on Pretty Bitch Freestyle (Warner) Local
  13. Little Dark Age by MGMT on Little Dark Age (Columbia)
  14. Am I Living in the Real World? by Diners on Three (Asian Man) Local
  15. mirrorball by Taylor Swift on folklore (Taylor Swift)
  16. Featured One That You Want by Sorry Girls on Deborah (Arbutus)
  17. Good Heart by Indigo De Souza on I Love My Mom (Sub-Fi)
  18. Break
  19. Jaywalk over Me by Shutups on Every Day I'm Less Zen (Astro Lizard) Local
  20. 1-800-Love by FLOOR CRY on 1-800-LOVE (1-800-LOVE)
  21. Cycles by Lili Trifilio on Cycles (Lili Trifilio)
  22. Icelake by Babehoven on Solemnis (Babehoven)
  23. Unlucky by Lunar Vacation on Unlucky (Lunar Vacation)
  24. Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers on Punisher (Dead Oceans)
  25. Break
  26. Gay Bar by Rosie Tucker on Never Not Never Not Never Not (New Professor Music)
  27. Meet the Frownies by Mr Twin Sister on Meet the Frownies (Twin Group / Domino)
  28. True Love by Molly Burch on First Flower (Captured Tracks)
  29. BFF.FM Fundraiser by - (
  30. I Eat Salads Now by Sidney Gish on No Dogs Allowed (Sidney Gish)
  31. Angel Eyes by Habibi on Anywhere But Here (muddguts)
  32. Spring by Angel Olsen on All Mirrors (Jagjaguawar)
  33. Break
  34. Featured Take Care by SASAMI on Take Care / Free (Domino)
  35. Double Dare by Momma on Two of Me (Danger Collective)
  36. F.R.F by Juicebumps on Jelly (Juicebumps) Local
  37. Fly by Zelma Stone on Fly (Zelma Stone) Local
  38. Wounded Bird by Ryder the Eagle on Free Porn (Ryder the Eagle)
  39. Sand Dunes by The Band Ice Cream on Classically Trained (Urban Scandal) Local
  40. Break
  41. In With You by Rayana Jay on In With You (All Angles) Local
  42. Nighttime Drive by Jay Som on Anak Ko (Polyvinyl) Local
  43. I Wanna Be Like Jonny by Sour Widows on Sour Widows (big girls bedroom) Local
  44. circle the drain by Soccer Mommy on circle the drain (Loma Vista)