The B0ardcast Episode 29


  1. Alley Cat by Benny The Jet Rodriguez on Home. Run. ( Song ID: 239569512)
  2. Good For Nothing by WOLF GIRL on Mama's Boy (Visit
  3. Wherewoolf? by Judi Stench on Easy Bake Coven (Visit
  4. You're So Tall! by The Pooches on Smoochin' with The Pooches (Visit
  5. On the Grid (our love is) by L A N D L I N E S on Log Out, Tune Up, Drop Dead (Visit
  6. Blindness For The Kids by Poledo on No More Parties. No More Friends. (Visit
  7. F-Fit by Pennycress on SEE US SWELL (Visit
  8. Swine by SadGirl on SADGIRL VOL. ONE EP (Visit
  9. grime life by butt sand on Useless Minds EP (Visit
  10. Beach Blonde by Plantains on UNION (demos) (Visit
  11. Fred Astaire by Lamps on Fred Astaire 7'' (label)
  12. Acid At The Beach by Rossy Layne on Knitwear // Gluesniffer Rising - Cassette Album (Visit
  13. Uneasy by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Fast Moving Clouds (Burger)
  14. BEACH by SHELLS on SHELLS (Visit
  15. 3am Coke Dream by Teardrop Factory on Thrash In The Heart (Visit
  16. King Of Lazy by Urusei Yatsura on Slain [UK] (00003027 00000535 00026BF6 000063FB 0001AB24 00029E82 000082EF 000083C9 000255C1 0000C439)
  17. skate witches by teen suicide on DC snuff film (Visit
  18. Gray Area by Modern Needs on Test Pattern (Visit
  19. Don't Hold Me Down by Panther Ray on Ripple (Visit
  20. Rather be Dead by New Swears on Funny Isn't Real (Visit
  21. I Gotta Get Away by Slushy on Fuzz Pop - Various (Visit
  22. Red New Morning Order by Mitch The Champ on It Came From Plan-It-X 2014 (Visit
  23. Wizard Mountain Pt. 2 by Honey Bucket on Futon (Visit
  24. The Return by Upset on '76 (Visit
  25. Balls by Not Right on Odd Box Weekender V (Visit
  26. Carefree by Uncrushworthy on The Only Ones to Blame EP (Visit
  27. Calories by UNITY on UNITY (Visit
  28. Taking Nothing by Infinity Girl on Just Like Lovers (Visit
  29. Peasant Dreams by TONER on Under Your Bed EP (TONER)
  30. the gardener (cover) by Wakes on the gardener (cover) (Visit
  31. Soft Bats by Wildhoney on Seventeen Forever (Visit
  32. If You Don't Pull by The Just Joans on Odd Box Weekender V (Visit
  34. Big Man by peach kelli pop on Peach Kelli Pop III (Visit
  35. Jazz Off by Dog Legs on sorry/thanks/sorry (Visit
  36. Volcano by Taco Cat on Bandcamp EP (Label)
  37. Leaders Of The New School by Tullycraft on Disenchanted Hearts Unite (Label)
  38. purple minijack by plaaydoh on plaaydoh ep (Label)
  39. Interesting Thing No. 2 by Posse on Soft Opening (Visit
  40. Canceller by Monotony on MONOTONY (Visit
  41. Implicated In Crime by Pussycat Trash on Amore (Visit
  42. Blaster by Pinkshinyultrablast on Odd Box Weekender V (Visit
  43. Fool Of Myself by Franny & Zooey on Bananafish (Visit