Ep 154: "New Music"

Great music continues to pour forth from the region, evidence gathered below.

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  1. Contact Contamination by Midnite Snaxxx on Contact Contamination EP (self released) Local
  2. Lava by Blue Ocean on Fade (self released) Local
  3. Hits the Right Way by Flex TMG (Vacant Stare) Local
  4. Leave Me Out of This by Brontez Purnell on White Boy Music EP (Post Present Medium) Local
  5. Valley Riff by 300 D (self released) Local
  6. Taraval Bird Hospital by Sad Eyed Beatniks on Places of Interest (Paisley Shirt) Local
  7. Truly by Pacific Yew on Squeeze Demo (self released) Local
  8. See You As You Fall by Topographies on Ideal Form (Funeral Party) Local
  9. Disinformation by There's Talk on Great Falls (self released) Local
  10. Waking by ASTU on ALTARS (Boyish) Local
  11. Sunflowers by The Snogs on Boyfriend's Dead (Paisley Shirt) Local
  12. 90s Loop by Torrey (self released) Local
  13. Moody by Brijean on Day Dreaming (Ghostly International) Local
  14. Carro Rojo by Andre Moya on Carro Roio (self released) Local
  15. Compassion Suite by David Castillo on The Suite Life (self released) Local
  16. Dream Parade by Lunchbox on After School Special (Slumberland) Local
  17. Little Bird by Gentle Spirit on (s) (self released) Local
  18. End of Days by Sucker Crush (self released) Local
  19. Personal Computing by Neutrals (self released) Local
  20. Riding in Your Mind by Abracadabra on Abracadabra (Anniversary) Local
  21. Obliteration by Combo on Destroyayaya (Discontinuous Innovation Inc.) Local
  22. Worth It by Nimsins (self released) Local
  23. Fond One by Inger S on Turivo (self released) Local