House of Love Episode #108 RELEASE THE BATTS!!!


  1. Blue Water by Fields Of The Nephilim on Dawnrazor (Situation Two)
  2. Gothic Summer by Prayers on SD Killwave (Self Released)
  3. Worlock by Skinny Puppy on Rabies (Nettwerk)
  4. Blind Trust by Cabaret Nocturne on Rotten Citizens Vol.1 (Self Released)
  5. Dead Stars by Covenant on United States of Mind (Metropolis)
  6. Bicep by TR/ST on The Destroyer - 1 (Grouch)
  7. Gallowdance by Lebanon Hanover on Tomb For Two (Self Released)
  8. Breathe the Fire by The Soft Moon on The Soft Moon (Captured Tracks)
  9. Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure on Faith (Elektra/Fiction)
  10. Disorder by Joy Division on Unknown Pleasure (London Records)
  11. Arabian Knights by Siouxsie And The Banshees on Juju (Polydor)
  12. New Toy by Lene Lovich on No Mans Land (Stiff)
  13. Back Door by Clan Of Xymox on Medusa (4AD)
  14. The Ubiqitous Mr. Lovegrove by Dead Can Dance on Into The Labyrinth (Warner Bros.)
  15. Into The Void by Buzz Kull on Chroma (Burning Rose)
  16. Spectral Tease by Mareux on Spectral Tease (Self Released)
  17. Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy on Deep (Beggars Banquet)
  18. Romeo's Distress by Christian Death on Only Theater of Pain (Frontier Records)
  19. Dance With Her by She Pleasures Herself on Fetish (Manic Depression Records)
  20. Go! (Club Mix) by Tones on Tail on Lions (Beggars Banquet)