Best Records of 2020 (2/3)


  1. AS Tearless (feat. Lalita) by Amnesia Scanner on Tearless (PAN)
  2. Hand in Flame by Evan Caminiti on Varispeed Hydra (Dust Editions)
  3. ADMSDP by DJ Python & LA Warman on Mas Amable (Incienso)
  4. Helio's Trip by JJ+JS on 1 (Lilerne Tapes)
  5. In Her Hair by Lisa Lerkenfeldt on Collagen (Shelter Press)
  6. Time by Arca on KiCk i (XL)
  7. Roll Doll by Isabella on Melody Depleted (iDEAL Recordings)
  8. Well by KMRU on Peel (Editions Mego)
  9. Sometimes He's In My Dreams by Mary Lattimore on Silver Ladders (Ghostly International)
  10. Bread Dance by Anna Homler & Alessio Capovilla on Vasi Comunicanti (Gang of Ducks)
  11. All I Do Is Lust by Heather Leigh on Glory Days (Boomkat Editions)
  12. WEM Lagoon Jump by Khotin on Finds You Well (Ghostly International)
  13. Nod (feat. Nosaj Thing) by Julianna Barwick on Healing Is a Miracle (Ninja Tune)
  14. Juncture by Laurin Huber on Juncture (Hallow Ground)