Brighter Days 012

Hello! Two parts to this week's show, the banging first hour recorded on Saturday night and the comedown unmixed conclusion on Sunday morning. Some modular effects in the mix as well, which sounded good about 90% of the time. Enjoy!


  1. Raw Print by Conoley Ospovat on Reconnected (Kimochi Sound)
  2. All for Me by Scan 7 (Heist Recordings)
  3. Minimax by Francisco di Gianni on TXR100LTD (Trax Research)
  4. Dream Mentor by Khotin on Dream Mentor (Public Release)
  5. Never Grow Old by Floorplan on Never Grow Old (Re-plants)
  6. Queen's Bridge by Borrowed Time on From Hell With Love (Lumberjacks in Hell)
  7. Leash Called Love (Mo No Ride) by The Sugarcubes on Leash Called Love (Elektra Records)
  8. Good & Plenty Love (Roy's believer dub) by X Fade feat. Lavette (King Street Sounds)
  9. Supernature by Cerrone on Supernature- (Malligator)
  10. White Horse by Laid Back on 12 (Sire)
  11. My Spine is the Bassline by Shriekback on My Spine Is The Bassline (Y Records)
  12. The Magnificent Dance (12: Version) by The Clash (Epic Records)
  13. Superfreak (Weird Dub) by Rick James (Motown Records)
  14. Stoned Soul Picnic by Chicano Batman (El Relleno Records)
  15. Give Me the Sunshine by Let's Sunship (Mellow Mellow Right On)
  16. Melo do Tagarela by Miele (Compacto Simples)
  17. You're a Melody (Extended Disco Mix) by Aged in Harmony (Melodies International)
  18. Ready Or Not (reggae remix by Lauryn Hill (Benz Records)
  19. If You Want Me To Stay by Sly and the Family Ston (Epic Records)
  20. Sunrise by Jonny Tobin (Austin Boogie Crew)
  21. Don't Turn Your Back by The Pendletons feat Rojai (Bastard Jazz)
  22. Right On Time by Prophet (Treasure)
  23. Song of Happiness by Cochema (Daptone Records)
  24. Coule'ba by Analog Players Society (Discovery Recordings)
  25. Love is a Hurtin' Thing by Gloria Taylor (Luv N' Haight)
  26. Under the Boardwalk by Randy K Martin (Atlantic Records)
  27. Silly Love Songs by Wings (Capitol Records)
  28. For the Love of Money (Disco Dub) by Disco Dub Band (Movers Records)